ArcheAge trade route guide: all domestic and intercontinental routes

ArcheAge trade routes

Te ArcheAge there are several different trade routes players can take te order to get gold, gilda, or resources.

Gilda starlets and resources can only be earned from trading from one continent to the other, or freedich Isle. Gold on the other palm is acquired from gold traders when trading inbetween regions on the same continent.

Let’s begin off with the basics tho’. Be sure to use the schrijfmap (M key) to search for things if needed.

A black donkey

How to get a donkey from Mirage Isle

Getting a donkey!

Trading takes unrealistically long if players don’t have a donkey. Ordinario mounts like horses and snowlions budge slower with a trade pack than players do. The only exceptions are farm carts, cars, etc.

A donkey only costs Five gilda starlets, or players can do the Blue Salt Brotherhood trading quests, which also eventually lead to getting a 16×16 farm. The best option is to just buy the donkey, it makes getting the questline donkey literally up to an hour quicker.

Players can obtain a donkey at Mirage Isle, which players can teleport to by certain auctioneers. Merienda inwards, instantaneously turn left. There should be gliders on the winding path down, and then merienda players reach the ground level that has houses on it, they should turn left. There should be an opening inbetween the cliff and some puny structures. On the right palm side there should be some horses and then after that three donkey choices.

After picking a donkey, players have to come back huis using another Mirage Isle portal. Next players need to find any seed merchant. Buy a vita seed from the last pagina on one of thesis characters and grow one, just like players had to ter order to get the climb on they acquired through leveling.

Plant the vita seed, then get the vita root. It only takes 30 seconds for the vita root to mature. Next, place the donkey on the ground and keep interacting with it until it’s fully grown, make sure to have some water.

At level 20 donkeys unlock an capability to eat a carrot for a 30% speed buff for 60 seconds. Ter some situations donkey trading can make more money then farm cart trading.

Movie evidence of the legendary climb on: Carrot Dash

At least te the north american servers, a few players have a zonderling donkey climb on named carrot dash that can swim quicker than a clipper with a special speed buff combination. This climb on wasgoed obtained from a chest that could be bought with gems. Carrot dash wasgoed the rarest voorwerp te the chest, enormously few of thesis exist.

Songcraft buffing

When doing land trades with donkeys it’s advised for players to switch out one of their classes for songcraft, especially if they intend to do several land trades. Songcraft has an capability to buff movement speed and can be played while on the back of the donkey. This capability does ter fact buff a donkeys movement speed while carrying a pack.

At class level 50, this buff gives around 40% movement speed. It increases spil the soncraft class levels up.

How to make a trade pack

Making a trade pack

Ter order to make a trade pack players vereiste find a “specialty workbench” te any of the different regions of either the westelijk, or east continents. There is at least one workbench te every region excluding freedich isle and auroria.

By default it costs 60 ocupación points to craft a pack, and another 60 costura points to turn the pack ter at a gold trader, resource trader, or gilda strak trader. ArcheAge trade routes give more gold vanaf tarea than anything else te the spel.

Spil far spil materials, each region has two different trade packs to craft, each one uses different resources to craft. Generally there are ideal trade packs for each region, but it depends on the prices of the materials on each specific region. It’s best to just buy the resources from the auctioneer, a trade pack should generally cost 1.Five to Three gold to make including the quality certificate. Anything below 1.Five is enormously cheap for a trade pack.

Each pack requires one quality certificate spil well. Thesis items can be bought from any “caudillo merchant.”

Next, after crafting a pack players voorwaarde then determine where to produce it. Below is a picture showcasing all the trade routes and their rough comes back. Thesis numbers are not 100% accurate, but an utterly good guideline.

Determining on a trade route

Te ArcheAge, trade routes give varying amounts of gold, resources, and gilda starlets depending on where players crafted the trade pack, and where they supply it. The genérico rule of the thumb is that the further players have to travel, by paths: the more prize obtained. Be mindful that airships can give extreme leverage on prices obtained vanaf time spent.

Also trade packs commence with a turn-in value of 130% for every combination of region. Spil players do a trade that procent goes down, providing players less and less terugwedstrijd for the pack. Every hour or so the procent goes back up some, but if too many players trade too rapidly it can go all the way down to 70%.

Ter other words if hundreds of players trade from one region to another that gives Ten gold, after enough trades players could begin to receive spil low spil Five.38 gold vanaf trade pack instead. If everyone stopped trading at that point, after a few hours the trade would be worth Ten gold again.

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