If you can still function, then do it .

I would say, when the doctor tells you that your heart is too frail for the Viagra!

I agree! One should not risk life for hookup. albeit I believe the Old Guys here wont agree with mij

Never to old. unless the doctor says so but what doctor would say that

No age is too old. Their might be age-related reasons not to, but that is not age vanaf se.

Never too old for hookup unless the doctor says otherwise

I would say that if anything comes up inbetween us wij should grab the chance with both forearms ! Whether old or youthfull

Unless you have severe arthiritis, ter which case grabbing with both forearms could be a problem!

How old is too old to be having hookup? There is no age that is too old, if one is capable of treating the deed.

So you agree with mij then Cagsil?

Not truly. I’m not one for listening to doctors strafgevangenis am I te need of assistance to get an erection. So, no I do not agree. If a person dies having hook-up and even knew they would before forearm or that it wasgoed a possibility, then it boils down to a choice.

I hope I can do it till the day I diegene. lmao

Too old for hook-up? Perish the thought.

Use it or lose it. If you still get horny on memories of how you used to be able to &quot,do all night what it now takes you all night to do,&quot, you’ve still got it. Hasn’t it bot said that &quot,lovemaking is mostly ter the mind.&quot, That’s about spil far spil it gets with mij thesis days- the mind. My darling and I have had separate bedrooms for the past decade at least so what’s the option. Solo lovemaking. It doesn’t indeed make you go vensterluik.

My Grandfather used to complain about not getting his share at age 103.

He reckoned arousal had nothing to do with pills or impotions.

&quot,It’s te your mind if you’re gezond spil a buck rat!&quot,

He used to say. &quot,If you Know what your thinking about!&quot,

He reckoned the other problem wasn’t his show. It wasgoed the fact that all the good looking women had died and he found their daughters were too immature!

this is indeed funny!

Exactly – use it or lose it! It is like anything else ter life, practice makes volmaakt, and if you zekering practising it, you will be no good at it!

I hope im never too old.

There is a point when a participant should be considered too old.

So they buried Deirdre.

Eeeeewwww That’s like, so gross man.

That’s even more gross than dreaming about eating chocolate vla

all night, and waking up with a spoon te your butt.

If you can still function, then do it . I have had more than one older person tell mij that their doctors said they shouldn’t be having hookup, but said that if they diegene ter the process. what a way to go! My own spouse is considerably older than mij, and has voiced the opinion that most fellows who think they need Viagra just need to find a woman who indeed excites them. Even when people are past the age of reproducing (which he’s obviously not, going into my third trimester now), that doesn’t mean that the enjoyment of lovemaking goes away.

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