Ten Joy and Ditzy Things for Couples to do Together

Being stupid, having joy – isn’t that something that only kids do?

Aren’t relationships supposed to be serious, I mean – how can wij have romance if wij’re dancing around acting like 10-year-olds?

No, you most likely wouldn’t picture acting like a kid and being romantic ter the same sentence, would you?

What you’d most likely picture when thinking about a romantic date with your fucking partner is dinner and a movie.

But, that’s not ALL that romance is about!

And no matter how long or brief you’ve bot together. there’s nothing fairly like surprising your fucking partner with a joy, unexpected date!

Recall how carefree you were spil a kid? Everything wasgoed joy, bright and packed with endless possibilities.

Now, reminisce those butterflies you felt te the pit of your belly when you embarked dating your playmate?

Sure, they might not be the same today spil what they were back then, but that doesn’t mean there’s no slagroom left to add a spark – or factor of verrassing to your relationship!

Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine. — Lord Byron

Feel like a kid again. with your fucking partner!

Why can’t you run around like an idiot with your playmate on the beach like a duo of crazy kids?

Why do you need to get dressed up and go somewhere fancy for it to be considered spending quality time together?

Listen, you fell ter love with your fucking partner – not because they looked good going out or because they knew how to pick a good movie (well, maybe not the entire reason), but more than anything, it’s because they made you laugh.

Here are a few ideas that can give you some inspiration on having some bimbo joy with your fucking partner, and bring out the kid te both of you.

If you never did you should. Thesis things are joy and joy is good. – Dr. Seuss

Ten Ways to have CRAZY Joy with the one you love!

  1. Project a Joy day at the Beach. Even if it’s not summer, take the afternoon and kasstuk the beach. Have a sandcastle building competition, wedren each other down the beach or into the water, eat ice-cream and splash each other te the water!

Play a Kids Spel. When wasgoed the last time you played Hide and Seek , the card spel “Go Fish” or Charades ? You can even add some romance if you want to spil the prize for the winner, e.g. the winner gets a half hour back rubdown.

Get Physical. Choose an evening to play your favourite movie games. Maybe you still have a Super Mario Brother’s spel hidden somewhere, or you have itchy feet to attempt that Dance Central spel you’ve only played merienda by yourself.

Visit an Vertier Park or Carnival. Go on the scariest rail and scream your lungs out. Laugh until you sob – release the kid te you!

Have a Sleep Overheen. Yes, te your house – ter the living slagroom ter pui of the TV. Get ter your PJ’s, make popcorn, bring out the sweets and have a movie marathon evening with your fucking partner. See comedy favourites that you both love – maybe something ditzy like Dumb and Dumber, or what about your favourite childhood cartoons on the Cartoon channel? A

Have a Cushion Fight! Reminisce how much joy it wasgoed hopping on the bloemperk and whacking your brother or sister with a cushion? Of course you’ll want to make sure you don’t pauze the leger by hopping too hard, or hitting your playmate so that it becomes a existente war. Have joy, but be light and gentle about it.

Bake Cupcakes. When last did you actually bake (or love baking) cupcakes? I know – what fellow likes baking cupcakes, right? Well – why not make it joy like it used to be when you were growing up. Throw names te a hat with the following – flavour, colour, decorations and wrapping paper style. You each choose two. Then visit a baking supply store and get creative! Get ideas for cupcake designs by visiting a few cake bakeries ter your area. If he’s fortunate – he’ll get the decorations and can make superhero cupcakes!

Run ter the Park. Pack a picnic packed with the things that you used to love spil kids – ginger snaps, lemonade, sour worms, hotdogs, etc. Take a blanket and find a (fairly secluded) grassy park with little hills. Feed each other, run around and play touch, roll down the hill, have a kittle war – just go crazy!

Go out for a Cambur Split. Recall how good thesis were? If you can’t find a place that serves this, go out for chocolate cake, or even a milkshake! On the way te the car, play games like “I Spy with My Little Eye” to keep things joy.

Get Spooky. Similar to the Sleepover idea, except the theme for the night is Horror movies. Light the fire, or bring out the old Fondue set. Eat chocolate, roast marshmallows, have hot cocoa. See who can tell the scariest ghost story!

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