Buick Car Repair Questions and Answers List

car off when i lifted up the bondage mask it wasgoed no water te it and there wasgoed no sign of leakage(water wasgoed te it a duo

days prior).I waterput water te it, but then it wouldn’t crank. Please tell mij what could this possibly be??

lights will flash just for a 2nd. Afterwards, everything goes dark. Subsequently, my

tail lights don’t work whenever the panel lights are out. I would be enormously grateful if

you can response this, because everyone keeps providing mij the run around. I’ve already

gotten a toegangsbewijs for this, and I am a fighting mommy. I honestly would donate.

and came up with the numbers. Can you help with instructions on how to inject the

code and also help mij find.

Also it does not embark sometimes. Can you please help with thesis problems.

shut off the lights. I know its a brief somewhere, but is it possible that the

steering is jacked up or is there a switch that.

Lift gate release touch padachtige won’t work. Stopped abruptly no intermittent failures.

Checked fuse and not the problem. Is there anything else to check or do I.

Also can I substitute myself.

vents are cool, but drivers side blows warm.

switch ands starter has bot substituted.

petite bump at the same time the car moves or sways overheen the rear wheels, not up and down but side to

side like something is liberate. Do u have any ideas what could be causing this.

The problem I have is that when you turn the ac on the cool air only comes out the Two vents on the passenger

side. The Two vents on the drivers side have warm air sucking out. A/C is controls are set to max air and max

cold on the temp control.

with ter Ten miles took it back wasgoed told crank sensor may be bad or may have a bad pcm. He wasn’t sure and

didn’t want to spend my money. The car is tighter to commence at times. It wasgoed dead merienda on third attempt to embark

it began right up rough idle. Not spil much pep. Also the wegens locks will lock and unlock at times for no reason

while ter park idling. Where would be a good place to commence?

alternator, coil pack, ignition module, tires. Then my water pump went out. My beau and I took the old one

off which looked diferente to the car, scraped off the old gasket and cleaned it indeed well.

Wij waterput on the fresh pump by following the directions that came with it. Wij waterput the stortplaats and motor mounts back

and waterput it all back together. But its still cascading antifreeze. Then someone told mij wij were supposed to use a

gasket sealer around the fresh gasket. I indeed dont want to have to take it all back exclusief because I’m getting a

fresh car te a few weeks. Is there anything i can seal it with from the outside?

now won’t commence again. Why does the laptop keep going bad?

light is on. Also the interior lights will go on and off when i am driving.

I have a check engine light and cam sensor code. How do I substitute it?

Please give mij steps involved to repair it.

this problem the Passkey cylinder or the ignition switch?

Sometimes it will diegene out then the car is very hard to begin.

ignition coil cause this problem?

master cylinder and the Six pack light is on.

Does this mean i need a fresh one or can it be repaired?

my Tech II? I am not sure if they are keurig or what the problem is.

needed to hop battery. Ran and got code random misfire and random misfire cylinder #6.

Substituted ign. coils and substituted battery now wont begin. It cranks just fine getting fuel and

getting spark. It wants to embark but wont, any ideas out there.

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