Thinking honestly is therefore recommended, both to distinguish yourself and permit us to introduce you to members who truly suit you.

Why do wij need a personality test?

Our personality test is a key part of your success with EliteSingles. The questions wij have developed will look into your individual qualities and permit us to introduce you to like-minded singles. By determining your private attributes, a finished personality test will help present your character and your relationship hopes to other members and introduce you to compatible matches, South African singles who are on your wavelength.

What makes the EliteSingles personality test special?

Divided into ten sections, the personality test comprehensively evaluates you and is central to our matchmaking process. It’s based on the Five Divisor Prototype theory of personality traits, a psychological monster based on research by Robert McCrae and Paul Costa. By widely questioning your personality, it calculates your levels of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. By basing our personality test te psychological compatibility, our wise profiling system is able to produce inbetween 3-7 compatible matches a day, te line with your individual personality type preferences, leaving you free to concentrate on telling hello to that intriguing someone.

How does the EliteSingles matchmaking process work?

At EliteSingles our aim is to help our members find a glad relationship that lasts. Wij therefore waterput fine effort into designing our matchmaking process so that it makes finding the right person lighter. Wij are persuaded that the best relationships are inbetween those who may not be identical, but have a number of complementary character traits, so wij use a two-part matchmaking process to help thesis people meet.

Using your profile to introduce you to others

Part one of our matching system uses the profile created by the initial personality test to determine which members wij think may suit you best. Based on the Five Creador Specimen of personality psychology, your profile tells us what makes you unique and what sort of person you are compatible with. Comparing your unique profile with thousands of others, the wise profiling system works to introduce you to 3-7 compatible members vanaf day. You may view this profile at any time under ‘Personality Profile’ te your account.

Matchmaking with your preferences ter mind

The 2nd part of the process is identically significant. While wij believe personality compatible to be at the heart of long-term happiness, naturally our members have certain criteria their future fucking partner should meet. Te your account you may therefore set your relationship preferences to ensure your find someone matching not just your personality, but your life. You may specify things like your partner’s preferred age, their desire to have children, and the distance inbetween you, and can alter thesis at any point (for example if you want to receive more suggestions).

By using a two-part matchmaking system that uses both your congenital characteristics and individual preferences, we’re certain that when wij introduce members to each other, they know they have long-term potential.

Our advice

With more than 200 questions, the personality test should be decently considered, so set some time aside and accomplish it when you are relaxed. You should also be ready for a range of questions: while some are polar (yes/no) questions, others use a scale to judge relative importance and require individual reflection of what you are truly like.

The personality test includes both numerous choice and open-response questions, such spil &lsquo,what are you sultry about?&rsquo,, and will react to how strongly you agree or disagree on a subject. It will also work to determine the concentrate you place on intellectual capability, professional ambition, and relationship goals. Use our open questions to present a unique snapshot of yourself spil a person, and tell others te detail what you are looking for. If you strongly value your academic side, for example, tell people why this is significant to you, and what you expect ter comeback.

No matter what the questions, honesty is always the best strategy. The questionnaire is one of the means by which EliteSingles introduces you to other users. Providing what may emerge to be the &lsquo,right&rsquo, response may serve to dilute your qualities and portray you spil somebody quiebro generic, what makes you different is usually what makes you attractive. Thinking honestly is therefore recommended, both to distinguish yourself and permit us to introduce you to members who truly suit you.

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