After familiarizing myself with the layout, I found that I can switch my theme if I want to, just by clicking a button on the upper right.

I wasgoed talking with one of my friends last week who wasgoed bragging about how cool his Google Homepage looks. He went on about it every time wij spoke online. Frankly, it wasgoed beginning to get annoying. Eventually, he told mij that I just had to catch up to him, if for no other reason than wij could use the Google Talk to party talk, leave voice messages and exchange pictures. Evidently, he preferred that to what wij were using.

Now, I’m not downright vulnerable when it comes to the pc, but I have never given any thought to customizing my Google Homepage. I knew that iGoogle existed – it’s all overheen the internet – but I didn’t indeed know what it wasgoed, strafgevangenis did I care. I thought it would be too hard or at least too much trouble to bother with. Well, I eventually attempted it today and guess what – it wasgoed actually truly effortless!

My friend lives ter Excellent Britain, so he had Google Homepage UK. Naturally, I’d be using the American version. I commenced out by going to the regular, classic Google pagina and used “personalize Google Homepage USA” (without quotes) spil my search term. I wasgoed expecting that I’d have to do a loterijlot of reading. Knowing mij, I would likely give up the 2nd it looked like it wasgoed going to be too involved or take forever. Fortunately, the search brought up the precies pagina and listig on the Big G’s blog for mij to get embarked.

The very first thing I noticed wasgoed that I had tons of options. I thought, “Okay, here wij go, now it’s going to get complicated. I’m only going to attempt this merienda and if it doesn’t work – leave behind it.” I began with themes. There wasgoed a vast selection, including beaches, palm trees, space, dots, the earth – just tons of different ones and they were all nice. You can add ones you custom-made make yourself but hey, I hadn’t even figured out how to use the stock ones yet.

Merienda I lodged on the theme that I dreamed, I clicked “Add this one” and esplendor it wasgoed there, along with a pre-set layout. I wasgoed very astonished to see that my Google Homepage already had my hubs and blog entries listed, all without mij telling it to. I don’t know how it did that, but I assume it tied te everything that wasgoed fastened to the email address that I signed ter with. There wasgoed also a clock, weather widget, news feed and a few more items on the pagina that I could choose to keep or delete. This wasgoed getting interesting.

After familiarizing myself with the layout, I found that I can switch my theme if I want to, just by clicking a button on the upper right. Maybe someday, I’ll figure out how to make and add a custom-made one. Right now tho’, I’m excited at how good my personalized Google Homepage is looking. There are so many ways that I can pretty it up and have everything just the way I like it. If only other things te life were like that!

Albeit there wasgoed a lotsbestemming of useful stuff on my Google Homepage, I didn’t want everything that wasgoed there, so I deleted some of it.В Using my mouse, I clicked and dragged the widgets around until I had them just how I dreamed them.В Then, I used the “Add stuff” button that I found beside “Change theme” to see what else I could have.В There were tons of enticing things like Google Docs, Gmail, games, a to-do list and Google Opbergmap Search.В It didn’t matter what I wasgoed looking for, I found it there.В I chose one of the games and Google Talk for starters.В It wasgoed zuigeling of sad to see that there wasgoed no more slagroom on the pagina for the other cool stuff that wasgoed available.В I truly desired to have a photo widget and Music Mash, too.

So, spil I sat admiring my handiwork, I happened to notice something on the upper left of my screen.В I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it before, I guess I wasgoed having too much joy.В Anyway, it wasgoed an “Add tab” button, which talent mij another pagina.В Excellent!В I didn’t hesitate to click, name the tabulator (called it Joy Stuff) and add the photo and music widgets that I dreamed.В I wasgoed actually beginning to love my personalized Google Homepage.

Spil much spil I’m liking what I’ve created so far, I’m sure that I’ll proceed to switch and update it because it’s so effortless to do so.В That’s just another superb feature of iGoogle, I’ve learned.В

Today, I’m going to brag to my friend who has the Google Homepage UK and attempt to woo another friend, Teresa, that she needs to pimp hier Google Homepage Malaysia.В Merienda she catches up, the three of us can party – all from our Google Homepage.В

My good friend Misha has a hub on this topic too. 🙂

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