Candy Crush Dinastía: Interesting Facts and More

About the Spel

Candy Crush Dinastía is a flash based spel developed by King, a social games developing company based ter the United Kingdom. The spel wasgoed released on 12 th April 2012 for Facebook users, 14 th November 2012 on Apple’s iTunes store and became available for all Android devices on 14 th December 2012, which wasgoed also the month which witnessed the most downloads of the app totaling to around Ten million downloads.

The spel is a classic progression based puzzle solving strategy spel where players have to achieve certain goals ter order to progress to the next level. What makes the spel interesting and feel fresh is the yummy and vibrant candy. Yes, instead of the bricks or the other standard visuals wij normally associate with thesis type of games, the developers have added some delicious and colourful candy to the mix along with an array of bright and fresh visuals and sounds which seem to have worked. The story puts you into the footwear of a youthful chick Tiffi, who helps everyone te need spil she journeys through a sweet packed world (albeit this detail is of no significance whatsoever and is just there for the sake of providing the spel a character). The spel is divided into different scenes (groups of levels) to give the spel a storyline type of feel and a sense of progression to the spel. The spel also promotes sociability and interaction among friends who play the spel spil when a person completes an scene, they have Trio options, he/she is required to either get help from Three friends to unlock the next gig, pay money ter order to advance or finish Trio reserve levels to unlock the next gig (restricted to the mobile version). There are also mini interactions shown inbetween the characters te the spel after the completion of each gig to help the spel feel alive. To summarize, the spel takes you on an escapade through 500 levels of a candy packed world where you come across some challenging levels that will surely test you to the thresholds.

Which level of Candy Crush are you on?

How to Play

The spel is played by matching Trio candies of the same colour ter a straight line either horizontally or vertically. There are also Trio kinds of special candies which can be made by matching Four or Five candies of the same colour ter a specific pattern. The striped candy is made by matching Four candies of the same colour ter a straight line either horizontally or vertically. When this type of candy is crushed, it results te the entire row or katern getting wiped out which is determined by whether the candy had horizontal or erecto stripes on it. The packaged candy is made by matching Five candies of the same colour ter an L, vertically mirrored L, _I_ or horizontally mirrored _I_ form. When this type of candy is crushed, it bursts te such a way removing all candies next to it. The colour bomb is made by matching Five candies of the same colour te a straight line either horizontally or vertically. When this type of candy is crushed, it liquidates all of the candies of one colour from the entire puzzle. Te addition to thesis special candies, there are special power-ups which you receive spil you progress te the spel which can also be bought straks ter the spel from the in-game store.

The spel also cleverly restricts the users to how much time they spend playing the spel with a set number of lives available. The player has a maximum number of Five lives available at the commence which a player loses when he fails to accomplish a level. When the player runs out of lives, he/she vereiste wait for 30 minutes ter order for a life to be re-generated. Te this way, the spel ensures that players get a pauze from their adventures te the joy packed candy world but people have also uncovered a cheat to get rid of this botheration te the app version of the spel where they advance the time on their brainy phones which results ter an instant re-generation of lives which just goes to voorstelling how big a succesnummer the spel has begun.

Some Interesting Facts About Candy Crush Clan

1) Candy Crush Dinastía is ranked the most popular app on Facebook with around 50 million likes on its Facebook pagina. The app is visited monthly by more than 1 billion users on Facebook alone which is around a tenth of the total Facebook users.

Two) It is the highest grossing app te the app store and the play store with a revenue stream of around $650,000 vanaf day.

Three) If you combine the time spent by all the users to have everzwijn played the spel, it totals to around 120,000 years of playtime.

Four) Of all the players who play the spel, 69% are women, 30% are fellows while the remaining 1% are UNKNOWN! Proof that aliens do exist!?

Five) The most common name among all the players is Maria, with around 300,000 players sharing the name.

6) The Candy Crush craze knows no boundaries and has left no area ter the world untouched with Trio players from Antarctica also having played the spel. I didn’t even know they had access to the internet there!

7) The spel is so popular te Hong Kong that 1 ter every 7 people is said to play the spel daily.

8) The spel became so popular that it even featured te PSY’s music movie of his song Señor.

9) A 14 year old boy became so obsessed with the spel that he purchased $Four,300 worth of boosts and reserve lives ter spel.

Ten) Ter the United Kingdom, a special residential rehab facility wasgoed opened to help people overcome their addiction to the spel,

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