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Wednesday, May Ten,

Dating is Overheen for Gen X


The truth of the matter most women te their 40’s are only good spil casual verschrikt mates. I’m always annoyed by any woman who is te their 40’s and wants a ‘Christian man’ because they found Jesus. Usually they are welvoeglijk looking but makes mij suspicious. I have better things to do on Sunday morning than be lectured to, I can make a compromise and merienda ter a while to keep hier glad if she can do the same for mij.

My wifey is a 6 on a good day. But, she fucks only mij, takes care of my children, doesn’t bitch whine and wail, keeps my house clean and food ter my belly. Wij dated the old fashioned way and did not meet te a tapkast. Your postbode is spot on.

RE: &quot,The total economic cost te terms of time, resources, effort, and sanity just wasn’t worth it anymore. &quot,

Two – When (never if) the above quote happens why not just look at porn. (for those of you te Rio Linda that’s a rhetorical ?)

I can’t recall exactly the numbers but someone told mij that about 90% of the studs on foreign women dating websites never actually visit the countries of the women they communicate with. So out of the 10% of the fellows who do travel, even far less dudes actually find a good match to pair with. So te all = less than 0.01% actually find the romance that they were looking for. So even outside of the matrix, it’s not that fine either!

To quote Rustin Cohle from Season One of True Speurhond, &quot,Wij know what wij want and wij don’t mind being alone.&quot,

45 and given up on dating. I had a good run but the crazy that is out there.

Or you can date an Asian – Chinese. I met a gal that bot te North America for years. Came from a time before the &quot,one child policy.&quot, So she is not a spoiled single child. Hard worker. Appreciates life. Let’s mij take the lead where I am strong and Vice versa. Life is good . so far. dd.

This kwestie is also helping this country to be overrun by foreigners that will eventually control the vote with their numbers (via breeding like rats). The American way of life is almost toast. Glad that I won’t be around to hear the final death yells spil the USA turns into another altruista shithole!

GenX masculine: I got burned after a long term relationship went south when I wasgoed 32 (2002) and simply dropped out of the entire dating toneel for Three years and concentrated on work. Got promoted, traveled alot. It wasgoed while working late at a foreign subsidiary I realized that if I don’t re-enter the dating market I would most likely never have kids (conscious choice on my part).

The dating market that I found myself ter wasgoed littered with train wrecks and alot of waarde cases. Spil I slugged my way through for the next Trio years, I got experienced at jettingson the women early when the crimson flags were sighted. Thought about writing a book about the ordeal, but mij thinks alot of guys have bot through that mill.

I eventually found an attractive, womanish (childless) woman who made the cut, but of course she wasgoed non-western and didn’t grow up here. Wij’ve bot married with kids almost Ten years now and I truly have no complaints.

However I also know I will never do it again.

I swore off dating ter ’92. Wasgoed engaged Two months zometeen and married Trio years zometeen (long engagement to finish schoolgebouw). Going ter 22 glad years. It worked fine to mij.

I opted to date my ex-wife. For verdadero. I know where all of hier baggage is tucked after almost 20 years, I know where all the crab grass grows because, gentlemen, there is nothing good on the other side of the fence. My &quot,ex&quot, philandered, gaslighted, liedje, and did so with a plethora of psychiatric issues that were the engine for hier behaviors. So be it. Honestly and truly all I have found, thus far, on the dating toneel (I’m 48) are obese women, women who look old enough to be my mom (but are frighteningly sometimes junior than I am). They almost ALL have children &quot,who are the center of my life&quot, — which is spil it should be, but is a flag that means *I* won’t be. Yes, I am selfish that way. I don’t want to be &quot,daddy&quot, to some other man’s offspring. Spil someone pointed out, there are the ache ter the arse Millennial &quot,empowered&quot, third wave feminists who are often vegan, pagan, and think commitment dysfunctional and holding doors for them, sexist. Then there are the &quot,empowered&quot, 40-somethings who are attempting to recapture their 20’s and get tattooed, and embark suspending around bikers &quot,railing bitch&quot. On the other side there are the 40-somethings that go nuts with hiking, climbing, kayaking, wanting someone spil *active* spil they are, have a better job than they do, and will go to the bloody gym with them spil well. One woman I spotted often on a particular dating webpagina would NOT date anyone even one inch shorter than hier self-described 6’0&quot, and he needed to be *slim* AND into sports, AND get rugged like a lumberjack — you know, a Positivo MAN. Breathe. Christ, I’m so overheen it. So, for those marveling that I back with my old wifey, everyone else makes hier look almost habitual. And that’s telling way too much.

Ouch. That last story is sad. You couldn’t pay mij a million bucks to date my ex. I toevluchthaven’t dated te years since my divorce, but I toevluchthaven’t given up on dudes either. No one is going to rescue you from your living slagroom. It is rough out there, but a positive attitude is everyting. And if you toevluchthaven’t worked out your shit, you’re going to attract shit. Quality not quantity.

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