Dating when you – re overheen 50: Fellows my age are bitter, junior fellows are more joy

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T he proliferation of online dating is improving the dating prospects for people of all ages, with Slew More Fish, a popular dating app with a &quot,silver pond&quot, for overheen 40’s and users overheen 50 welcoming 7,000 fresh users a month.

The enlargening trend also serving to bring couples from different age brackets together. Thesis days, it seems that age truly is nothing but a number. Fifty Shades of Conjunto director Sam Taylor-Johnson turned 50 this year, and is celebrating hier five-year wedding anniversary with hubby Aaron Taylor-Johnson (26).

Ter fact, seasoned romantics may even be more successful online than their junior counterparts. A latest examine published by the Canadian Journal on Aging found that older people are very interested ter forming relationships and meeting people using the same kinds of social media that junior people are using.

With divorce rates rising amongst the over-45s, online dating isn’t going anywhere. Mature women and studs alike are finding themselves &quot,mature, free and single&quot,, and are subesequently turning to overheen 50 dating sites.

B ut it isn’t spil elementary spil it seems. When 52-year-old Cheryl divorced hier spouse of Nineteen years she felt anxious and jumpy at the uitzicht of re-entering the dating pool, however that wasgoed eclipsed by hier &quot,searing need to feel desired and attractive to someone.&quot,

C heryl, like thousands of other women, is a self-professed cougar. At very first, she attempted the ‘traditional’ dating route, but found none of hier dates with hier agemates ended positively: &quot,They were all studs my age or older and, quiebro frankly, I wasn’t truly ready to date so soon after my divorce.&quot,

F resh from hier divorce and not wanting anything serious, hier desire to feel dreamed led hier to look at junior fellows spil potential vrouwen: &quot,I felt they would be a safer choice ter the sense that they, typically, aren’t looking for a serious committed relationship.&quot,

&quot,Junior boys have a drive and stamina that boys my age don’t have,&quot, Cheryl says, &quot,they aren’t ‘violated’, they aren’t angry and bitter towards women after nasty divorces or child custody battles. They’re still naive and harmless, ter a good way. They don’t expect marriage or children from mij, and I don’t expect it from them either.&quot,

S arah Symonds, author and relationship coach, celebrates the rise of the cougar: &quot,Te today’s society, women are choosing to become more like dudes te their deeds. They are more laddish and aggressive, hence why going after a junior man is the vaandel for many women now – just spil studs pursuing junior women always wasgoed – and still is.

&quot,Plus, with more older women keeping themselves ter form thesis days and staying sexually active, and more older or middle aged fellows letting themselves go, is it any wonder that women are choosing to go after junior, fantastic models?&quot,

L ike Cheryl, Symonds cites the lack of &quot,emotional baggage&quot, junior boys tend to have spil the reason older women find them attractive: &quot,Junior boys are just joy, without any of the hard work.&quot,

F or Cheryl, the lack of commitment suggested by junior guys is crucial to the success of their relationship: &quot,I don’t want the same security and routine I wasgoed looking for when I married. Now I want multitude and joy, I want to love the connections while they last and stir on. That’s not to say I still don’t desire love, I am human after all, but even that word has taken on an entirely different meaning to mij at this point ter my life.

&quot,The fattest challenge I face now is that it is quiebro difficult not to catch ‘feelings’ of attachment on my part.&quot,

Post-divorce, Cheryl’s very first relationship with a junior man (&quot,I discovered straks that he wasgoed not 27 spil I assessed, but only 22&quot,) ended merienda significant feelings began to develop inbetween them: &quot,Our very sultry love affair lasted six months. I attempted to remain indeterminado, knowing wij were not te the same places te life and wij weren’t ter it for the long term, so when feelings began to run deep and our relationship escalated, I ran.

&quot,Our break-up wasgoed painful for the both of us, but our love for each other runs so deep wij remain good friends who do anything for each other, to this day.&quot,

47 years on from Mike Nichols’ award-winning speelfilm ‘The Graduate’, and just months after the final gig of Courteney Cox’s ‘Cougar Town’, the cougar is on the rise – tho’ experts say it is still not totally accepted.

L ucia, ‘The #1 Cougar dating experienced’, says there is still a dual standard when it comes to thesis types of relationships: &quot,Boys who date junior women are applauded and are seen spil ‘having spel’, but older women are called ‘desperate’ or ‘pathetic’ or they’re told they’re attempting to hold on to their youth.

The mature dating toneel is still fraught with complications. Dating overheen 50 is not any simpler than it wasgoed the very first time round. &quot,No one bats an eye when a man is dating someone much junior, but if a man is dating someone much older, people assume it’s only for hier money. If women date junior guys, they have to maintain their hook-up appeal, whereas this is not required for dudes who are dating a junior woman – think J-Lo spil opposed to Hugh Hefner.&quot,

&quot,Cougar relationships are still not totally accepted te society, but it’s not spil much of a taboo spil it wasgoed a few years ago. Albeit it will never bot the standaard, it will become more acceptable spil time goes by. Ter the end, it’s not about the age, it’s about two people who are attracted to each other, feel a connection, and want to be together.&quot,

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