How NOT to fall ter love with a co-worker

Office romances – don’t do it!

How do you keep from falling ter love with a co-worker? Yes, it can be difficult to not fall into a relationship with someone you work with, but no, just don’t do it. Read on for tips and advice on how to keep your emotions and feelings te check when it comes to a potential office romance.

Do not find your co-worker attractive – If you find your co-worker’s slight lisp sugestivo, or that little cowlick at the back of his head invencible, you need to zekering yourself and get a houvast. Anyone you see regularly you will develop a familiarity with and an affinity for, it is human nature. That boy on the train, that homeless person on the corner, the waitress where you get the coffee every Saturday – all thesis people will become corriente enough to you that your assets will react when you see thesis people for familiarity sake alone. Your heart will quicken and your pupils will dilalate if you see thesis people unexpectedly somewhere else, and why? Because you are so ascendiente, your assets has an automatic response. This is not love, it isn’t even friendship. Studies voorstelling it is simply recognition. So that co-worker is just recognition or familiarity on steroids. Yes you may feel you know the co-worker intimately, but no don’t act on this “feeling.” Sorry, but you know the homeless fellow intimately too, a little too intimately. You know when he has had a bath, and when he has not. And you are not ter love with him, I think you get the point here. Keep those emotions te check, you are just office mates, nothing more so no need to read into this relationship. Keep it professional for everyone’s sanity.

Do not find things te common to talk about – You may find that you agree on everything. You voted for the same candidates last time you went to the polling booth, you eat the same havarti cheese (dill, only with dill), and you just realized you both have the same telephone carrier so it would be convenient to call each other for free if you everzwijn desired to extend one of thesis long and thoughtful conversations you have bot so fond of having overheen the watercooler (read: your cubicle, his office, or ter the parking lotsbestemming or elevator). Listen, go online to a free survey webstek and you will be astonished to learn you have something ter common with hundreds if not thousands of other people. And you are not considering “kickin’ it” with them, so don’t even think about getting private with a co-worker on the ondergrond of commonalities. Wij all have something te common: there is only one “wedren” and that is the human wedloop. Enough said.

Do not touch your co-worker/keep your forearms to yourself at all times – If your co-worker is at the copy machine, let him or hier finish before you go to the copier to retrieve your copies. Do not accidentally on purpose touch his or hier arm spil you palm him or hier the copies. When you go to your co-worker’s cubicle or office, do not sit down and make yourself so comfy right away. Knock professionally at the onderbrak to announce your presence, state your purpose, get the reaction you need and get the heck out. People do work at work, so find a way to be one of this club and do some work. Don’t go to your co-worker’s office spil a guise to ask significant questions, frigging items on the desk, thoughtfully playing with the person’s private affects, or curly locks on the back of the dog collar. Just keep your grubby little arms to yourself. This goes for brushing up against each other ter the elevator, going through doors which are held open for each other, walking up and down stairs, waiting ter line at prompt food restaurants or at the canap and when sitting te each other’s cars on the way to a conference or to a business refrigerio. No touchy no feely is the rule, live by it.

Do not daydream about being stranded on a deserted island with your co-worker – One woman used to wish about hier co-worker incessantly. She used to imagine they were alone, they had to live on coconuts and bananas, they had to weave thatched shelters and he had to take care of hier by fishing ter the ocean with a shoestring and a lathy bamboo pole. This woman kept hier fantasy up until she found out ANOTHER co-worker had an inexperienced pilot’s license. Then she promptly commenced daydreaming the same daydream about the 2nd stud! Unnecessary to say, how much work are you achieving if you are mooning overheen your co-workers all day long? Do not fantasy about co-workers. Do not imagine them unclothed, undressing you or undressing themselves to techno club music. Reminisce, concentrate and you will overcome thesis unnecessary and unwanted fantasies. If you voorwaarde daydream, figure out instead how to determine the current assessments and applicable milestones for the stakeholders on that project due next Thursday. Yes, I know, you will thank mij zometeen.

Do not buy your co-workers thoughtful gifts – Find a way to keep this promise to yourself, especially if the co-worker you are staring at lovingly actually makes more money than you do. Tell yourself, “Self, I don’t want to spend money on anyone except myself right now.” Trust mij, your “self” will get it and not flounder on this one. Indugle your selfish streak and indulge yourself from time to time, spend the money on you instead.

Do not overanalyze the relationship with your co-worker – Do not feel that anything the other person does is a “sign” of his or hier loving allegiance to you. If he gives you a breakfast emparedado, don’t take it spil a diamond stadionring. Maybe he went to the rapid food snaak spil they turned from breakfast to refrigerio, and they talent him a “two for” special to get rid of the reserve food (instead of throwing it away). If your co-worker volunteers to help you with a project, recall you are on the same team, and this person is obviously the thicker person to want to get it right. Go with this but don’t make a federal case out of it. It is very likely already forgotten by the other person, so don’t read anything into it at all.

Do not stand so close to your co-worker when you are talking to the person – Permit your co-worker lots of individual space. Do not stand close enough to smell the person’s shampooed hair, zuigeling powdered undergarments, or even tea tree minty fresh organic breath mints. Give the person a broad berth. If you are te the habit of standing too close to the co-worker, you will get the reputation for being weird at the least, and creepy at the best. If you can count the pores ter the person’s face, know what time the person most likely bald his whiskers that morning, see the persons’s black roots (it may be time for a touch up at the salon), or stare at that person’s crooked smile to see if the person is a toilet smoker or not – then you are standing too close!

Do not stare into the co-worker’s eyes from across the slagroom – Do not make meteen prolonged eye voeling with your co-worker. Te meetings, do not develop a secret plain comprehensive eye blink which will tell your opinion on any given matter. Do not label your co-worker’s eyes hazel, then go to the mall to buy clothing to match the person’s eye color.

Ultimately here is what you should never say to a co-worker under ANY circumstances:

“The next time there is an ice storm, come to my house to shower, I have a generator.”

“My hubby/wifey doesn’t understand mij, so I bought you a nerts stole (1960), gauze recorder (1970), ipod (2007) or fresh gadgety digital handheld device (2011).”

After “how are you,” let the conversation stay professonial at all times.

“Do you want to share a refrigerio/taxicab rail/season pass?”

“Are you an Ram or something else?”

So there you have it, so many reasons to not get too close to a co-worker. This advice also applies to the boss, supervisor, corporate manager, admin. staff, maintenance staff and anyone else you see regularly at work. Just recall to “keep yourself to yourself,” and it can be done, so go after old Granny’s advice and chill out with the co-worker.

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