I explained how I loved to ‘give guys attention’.

1000 ‘roses’ to you

Do you know where your spouse is and is he traveling alone?

Yes, it’s true. This 40+ year old single Mom of three took the challenge of posing spil a Sugar Zuigeling to test the question, ‘Is this judicial prostitution?’. Te brief, the reasons for this type arrangment vary to such large degrees. While some strongly raise the question of prostitution, others simply go after a traditional method of dating with the exeption of money, the wealthy señor willing to give his playmate an allowance to enhance hier financial situation. I’ll share with you what I learned from participating ter a Sugar Daddy dating webstek, it wasgoed an eye-opening practice for mij to learn such lifestyles spil thesis exist right here ter my petite town.

So, this Summer when I wasgoed challenged to do an interesting dating topic, I explored topics such spil, “Why Won’t He Commit” & “Texting Games” and standard topics. However, my friends and I were indeed nosey about the topic of the ‘Sugar Daddy” spil wij actually know women te our puny town who voorkoop to have a ‘Sugar Daddy’ who pays the bills, pays for cosmetic surgery and hier children’s tuition at a restringido private schoolgebouw all for a monthly visit when he comes to town. Hier story made it sound indeed effortless and indeed beneficial, to say the least. Could wij find a ‘Sugar Daddy’ to afford a better lifestyle? Is this indeed such a bad thing? How does it work? How do you find one? What does a Sugar Kindje actually do? Wij were told there were presente dating websites to find a filthy rich man just looking for an attractive lady to spoil. Wij were skeptical. Wij wondered is this indeed an achievable status? Wij wondered, ” Can women actually advertise on a dating webstek ter search of a Sugar Daddy who will pay hier bills te exchange for, well, whatever rangschikking you agree works for you both. a travel playmate, a monthly companion, a relationship. or is this simply prostitution?

Wij were feeling particularly adventurous one day and determined to go ahead with the project. I reasoned, if nothing else, it will give mij the material for the dating article. So, wij searched the dating websites to find the right one for our proef. Wij determined I would create a profile, investigate and determine if wij felt this wasgoed prostitution or a different career path (well at least for some and for a while). Wij lodged on a webstek te which you can actually choose your price for your, ahem, ‘regeling’. Examples were $300 or $1000 vanaf month to be awarded to mij for my ‘rangschikking’. Choosing a payment project felt wrong to mij and I felt spil if I wasgoed certainly doing something illegal.

My friends and I brainstormed on ways I could investigate without actually ‘selling’ myself spil a product or promising any type ‘cortesía’ or ‘service’ Most of all, how it could be done securely (particularly when most are from out of town). Wij developed a project to ensure one of my friends would accompany mij to any very first meeting. Nervously, I created a profile with a few pictures. (Just everyday pictures, nothing inviting). I explained how I loved to ‘give guys attention’. For my safety, I made this request, “My Sugar Daddy wants to see mij have joy and is willing to pay for an toegevoegd slagroom for mij and my friend to make mij feel safe when I meet him”. I added, “I am looking for someone I have chemistry with, so I vereiste meet you with no obligation.” I felt this would be safe and a joy night out for mij and one of my friends involved te this proef. Yes, I felt jumpy and very afraid I would be exposed ter my puny town spil a ‘sugar kindje’.

What happened next is still tremendous to mij. I received a rush of willing participants of all ages. Dudes were more than willing to participate ter my ‘project’. My best friend and I were instantly scheduled for places and events with VIP passes ter places wij would never be able to afford spil single Moms. Wij were taken ‘out on the town’ ter very expensive vehicles (our beloved, the Jaguar), wij were treated to the finest restaurants (loving culinary delights at places wij had always dreamed to visit), our doors were opened, chairs pulled, escorted down stairs with an extended arm and treated like ‘princesses’. Thesis dudes acted spil true gentlemen, their silent confidence wasgoed refreshing. They were very respectful and genuinely desired to see us have a fine time and practice fresh places. One ‘sugar daddy’, the possessor of a very successful law rock-hard, said he had never had so much joy spil wij were excited overheen little things he took for granted everyday.

Wij talked to our Sugar daddies about their careers, their family and the reasons they dreamed a ‘Sugar Kindje’.The most popular answers

1) An attractive woman to spoil: Many dudes said “I want someone to spoil who appreciates it”. After phone discussions, researching on Facebook and emails, wij only chose those wij felt were legitimate fellows seeking to build a relationship, not just a ‘fling’. Thesis were seemingly morally upstanding fellows and very interesting caballero. On all accounts, they appeared to be lonely and looking for someone attractive to showcase a finer side to life.

Two) Travel Fucking partner: The number one request for most of thesis wealthy boys wasgoed a ‘travel fucking partner’. Thesis guys were willing to pay all expenses including their kindje’s wardrobe to have someone to spil a travel companion. Who knows what type of ‘indeling’ I could have made. The chance wasgoed there, however it wasgoed certainly ‘not right’ for mij and I actually confessed to several, of my true motive to gather information for an article – I reassured them I would never expose their names.

Three) The Mentor: When I collective with them my desires and aspirations of becoming a freelance writer, they willingly suggested advice, contacts and encouragement. Feeling somewhat guilty for misleading them from the embark, I declined. However, they still check te with mij from time to time and proceed to wish mij well & suggest some form of encouragement.

Four) A ‘efectivo’ relationship: Ter many cases, I believe it wasgoed more of an orkestratie to have a typical relationship, with the exception being, the man is willing to share some of his wealth with his fucking partner.

However, there is a darker side. Sadly, about 40% of those contacting mij were married. Thesis were doctors and lawyers and executives you would not suspect. Of course, I never followed through with a meeting with any of thesis married guys and actually took the chance to encourage them to work on their marriage. Some of the emails I received from married studs raise the question of prostitution a little stronger. I learned the code quickly, ‘roses’. I wasgoed suggested 1000 roses/dollars to meet a regional doctor ter a hotel slagroom for a wild fling. I wasgoed invited to join te with a lawyer and his number one Sugar Kind for a wild night together. I wasgoed invited to join married couples ter their ‘secret’ homes ter Atlanta, Georgia for a ‘hook-up party’. Naturally, wij all used fake names and the married studs were intolerante secretive. Thesis requests not only made mij question the potential of this being prostitution, but the fidelity of boys ter general-particularly if they have the funds to afford a secret life spil thesis dudes were willing to fly from different parts of the country to meet mij.

I also learned of a downright different reason for a ‘sugar-baby’. Dudes with wives who are sick and wives who are ‘okay’ with him having someone to ‘take care of him’ since she no longer can. Thesis dudes were willing to meet mij with their wives just to woo mij this wasgoed what she wished. Thesis couples treated this spil a job like any ‘caretaker’ position. If all parties agree with the ‘opstelling’ is this somehow more morally acceptable?

So, why am I writing about this? Information. Sugar Daddy dating is existente. Many youthful damsels are on the websites seeking a Sugar-Daddy. I took toegevoegd precautions te this endeavor, however it seems like yet another possibility of a hazard to youthful ladies, so be aware and discuss where necessary. Ultimately, I answered the question (somewhat) of prostitution. While this would certainly be considered immoral by many, evidently the mutually beneficial ‘regeling’ inbetween the two is ideally permitido. Many do this ter the form of ‘friends with benefits’ everyday only the benefits are considered to be purely sexual and no exchange of funds are involved. The Sugar-daddy, Sugar-baby ‘regeling’ adds another benefit to the lady. Another reason I feel compelled to share this practice is to ask, “Hey, wives of very successful, wealthy fellows, is your hubby a Sugar Daddy. perhaps even because you no longer appreciate the lifestyle you are presently afforded?” Another possible reason to postbode on this webstek is to say, “Hey, if your freelance writing career doesn’t work out, here’s an alternative”. Smile. That wasgoed funny!

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