I love the water, from boating to snorkeling, to my beloved hot bathtub to all forms of swim fitness from water aerobics, aqua Burla, aquatic kick boxing and of course my invention, the innovative swim houtvezelplaat called the EZ Swimmer В® .

Footwear, boots, footwear – everywhere there are boots. Except where wij need them the most – te the water and for all water sports and swim fitness. The helmets for cycling have taken hold and yet for the swimming pool, all too often, I see no footwear. I love the water, from boating to snorkeling, to my beloved hot bathtub to all forms of swim fitness from water aerobics, aqua Zurra, aquatic kick boxing and of course my invention, the innovative swim houtvezelplaat called the EZ Swimmer В® . It saddens mij to see a swimming pool empty, it makes mij cringe when I see people walking on the swimming pool deck without footwear.

Reminisce the days of kampeerplaats and getting your old sneakers raw and soggy? Reminisce soggy sneakers were preferable to no boots at all? Times have switched and the options for water boots have expanded. Because there are a myriad of options ter the marketplace, what shoe do you need when is now the question. Journey with us spil wij explore the many types of water sports, many types of swim fitness and the many fresh water footwear on the market. Hear the pros and cons, see movies of people putting the boots on and hear some very knowledgeable reviews. Learn what a swim slipper is and how it functions. See the Vibram Five Finger boots and learn two tips to help waterput thesis very cool “toed” water boots on. See the latest te deck footwear with all the many vibrant colors. Learn what to look for ter choosing water aerobics boots.

The Many Names of Water Boots

The names of water boots are too numerous to even start to list but I will attempt. There is Teva – a brand name, swim slipper – a type, minimal water shoe – similar to the swim slipper, tech amphibian is my beloved name – it says it all doesn’t it? Of course a sandal is open toed – that is about the only straight forward name that is historically commonplace. The classic deck shoe or boat shoe called top-sider. All the other names are relatively fresh and oh, I left behind my beloved the Five Fingers which is truly five toes!

Barbie with Outdoor Sports – Kayaking

What I Love About Water Footwear

I love being outdoors and the waterfront. Yet when my feet succesnummer the water I will cringe. I don’t like the feel of mud inbetween my toes. I don’t care for developing calluses on the bottom of my feet. I wish to play, run and romp not near the water’s edge, te the water’s edge.

Walking along a beach, throwing tucks ter a lake, wading next to the boat are things my assets likes to do but my feet do not.

Water boots even old soggy sneakers are my protector.

No, I am not the poolside diva – I want to be moving. But even the poolside dive needs to choose the right shoe.

The types of water shoesrange by the various activities and include but are not limited to:

Various Types of Water Footwear for the Active Lifestyle

  • Scuba sock and footwear
  • Boat Boots – sail boating, motor boating
  • Kayak Boots
  • Beach Footwear
  • Swim Fitness of all kinds:
  • Erguido swim fitness – everything from water aerobics to aqua kickboxing, aqua Tunda and more!
  • Horizontal swim fitness – total immersion swimming, Aquajogger В® , poetslap swimmming with a kick houtvezelplaat.
  • Diagonal swim fitness with flotation equipment such spil cuddle core with EZ Swimmer В®

Barbie Spawater

Spawater Footwear – Purely Recreational

Other Types of Water Boots – Spawater Types and More

  • Shower Boots
  • Refreshment
  • Swimming Pool Deck Footwear – I like to call thesis “diva boots” – boots simply for pool side zon tanning purposes only. This would also include yachting the much loved cruise ships.

Water Footwear and Spectacle

Not all water footwear are created the same. If you are seeking water aerobics footwear, you need to look for a spectacle shoe that will give you the same sort of support spil an athletic shoe. What to look for is the larger foot. You want a thicker foot than the beach shoe or swim slipper. The water aerobics shoe needs to be very similar te look and vertoning spil your athletic gym shoe with a substantial foot.

Teva Water Boots

Teva Keurig Pronounication

It is pronounced “teh’-vah,” not “tee-vah.

Etymology of the Name Teva

Etymology of the Name Teva is derived a word ter Hebrew.

The word “teva” is the Hebrew word for “nature”.

Teva – High Show Water Shoe

If you understand the etymology of this good water shoe, you will have a better understanding of what the shoe is all about. The word “teva” is the Hebrew word for nature. It is pronounced “teh’-vah,” not “tee-vah.

Thesis boots are fine at protecting your feet and providing traction. For many, they offerande the best value and versatility ter the water shoe industry.

Look for the newer boots with pull on loops. Also, check out the movie for Teva’s Gnarkosi water shoe.

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