Now wij’re traveling the world together several times a year.

Casual Dating For Gay and Hermafrodita Boys

Talk, Go after and Connect for Free!

Steve & Rich

Our individual rente te traveling connected us here primarily. Now wij’re traveling the world together several times a year.

Matt & Jay

Wij met here 8 months ago here and are now engaged to be married te the Spring. Wij’re so blessed and appreciative for!


I’ve bot on several awesome dates since finding Meeting guys ter my area has bot so effortless, I can’t say enough good things.

Ricardo & Justin

I met Ricardo while living 1,453 miles away. Wij formed a beautiful unie here at AllMale and then took the plunge te efectivo life.

Switching The Face Of Gay Online Dating

Connect With Other Gay and AndrĂ³gino Studs For Free!

Practice Interest-Based Dating, advanced search and More.

Registration is Quick and Effortless!

Ross & Valentine

Wij’re so appreciative for AllMale. Wij met here 13 months ago and wij were just married last month. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


I just signed up a duo weeks ago, but I’ve bot having a ball already. It’s so effortless to use, I’m on here every single day.

Kennen & Carlo

I’ve used all the other dating sites out there, but they all just lead to the same thing. So fortunate, to have found my soul mate Carlo here Three months ago.


I’m always up for adventures and AllMale has provided mij with so many. Every time I click to inject, a fresh one is trussed to start.

User-Friendly Messaging

Marc: hey man what are u doing tonight?

Jake: Marc! hey no plans yet. same place spil last time?

Marc: see u there. I’ll send a msg when I’m on the way

Jake: I can’t wait! See you soon.

Interest-Based Dating

AllMale is designed exclusively for gay and andrĂ³gino guys and features everything you will need to connect with guys from your area and from all overheen the globe. AllMale is a casual gay dating webpagina and social community made to be mobile friendly so you can connect anywhere. It’s also very pliable so you can use AllMale exactly the way you want.

Make connections and find the relationship you’ve bot truly looking for. Detect fresh friendships based on collective interests with our interest-based talk rooms. Share and view public or private photos, browse profiles, interact with other guys and go after your favorites. No matter if you’re seeking a long-term fucking partner or something more casual, AllMale gives you the contraptions you need.

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