She might spend hours checking out herself ter the mirror because she simply loves to take care of hier beauty and you would never see hier getting sick or bored from doing that, this is one of hier priorities, she also have a very good and beautiful sense of style!

Ter Caudillo

It voorwaarde be interesting to have a duo from two opposite signs, Sagittarius (fire factor) and cancer (water factor) their relationship can be finta lovely and total of act.

This article will be talking about the compatibility of the Sagittarius woman with the Cancer man and how they would treat each other along with their bad and good qualities.

Te caudillo, the two can indeed gezond to each other. Their love can be infinite and unspoiled because they would both appreciate each other and just attempt to stay glad te every step that they both do.

They can be both different ter the way of how they would choose to spend their leisure times. For example, a Cancer masculine usually likes to relieve and just have cool and calming times at huis, while a Sagittarius female would choose to go out with friends or do shopping or just stay active spil she’s a very outgoing person.

The Sagittarius Woman:

Hier qualities te normal:

The Sagittarius woman is very attractive, she has the ideal features that a woman can possibly have, she has a big broad soft and warm heart,she appreciates the good and sweet memories spent with the ones that she loves and she’s a very sociable person, she loves going out, draping out with friends, she values freedom and likes to feel free the while time, she doesn’t like getting managed by a man but she tends to control hier man most of the times and that’s sad because she doesn’t like this to be done to hier and yet she actually does it to others but she would still have that golden heart, hier bad side sometimes is that she does many mistakes to the people that she loves without being conscious about it but then and after realizing how the situations would get bad she will regret this t so quick then attempt to apologize and make things better,however,that would kleintje of too late because she would have already hurt the ones that she loves.

She might spend hours checking out herself te the mirror because she simply loves to take care of hier beauty and you would never see hier getting sick or bored from doing that, this is one of hier priorities, she also have a very good and beautiful sense of style!

She’s a woman loved by all hier friends,siblings and all the people that she would meet, she’s also very fortunate and successful ter hier life and if she takes the chances that she usually kicks she would reach to very high places and positions.

The Cancer Man:

His qualities te militar:

Cancer guys may tend to be so cold sometimes and that perhaps may get their women hurt and annoyed especially if their women are one of thesis signs (Sagittarius-Aries-Taurus-Cancer-Virgo and Libra).

The cancer man is a very generous man whether emotionally or financially, if his financial status is well enough and relaxed then he wouldn’t hesitate to give it all to his woman even if he wouldn’t be so much relaxed financially, he would still attempt to give what he has to his one and only.

He chooses spring and summer seasons more than any others- this also goes for the cancer women- when he loves, he loves truly but what might women dislike te him generally is his big fear for his good reputation so that would make him leave and abandon some bad situations when he’s faced with such,he would just run away leisurely and secretly and might never get back to you if you’re the cause of it,well unless he indeed and truly loves you and misses you then he would attempt to take you back but it would be unluckily too late to do that.

Sagittarius Women And Cancer Dudes

Both can have a deep and romantic relationship spil they’re both utterly romantic and are one of thesis people who appreciate every single lovely ogenblik spent.

This man might be bossy sometimes and that what would piss the Sagittarius woman off but at the same time she attempts to keep up with this spil much spil she can because she would simply love this man more than what’s expected.

The cancer man would always be ready for his woman and he sometimes might help hier with cleaning the house which is something truly nice and appreciated by his Sagittarius woman.


Te genĂ©rico, they both can simply make it work out together if they both learn how to keep up with each other’s negative qualities and attempt to disregard that sometimes because also mood can play a role here and might be the cause for some problems.

Cancers ter comĂșn are known for their moody minds so keep that ter mind Mrs Sagittarius!

I personally have seen many successful relationships inbetween the Sagittarius women and the Cancer studs, your relationship can be successful too.

Each Zodiac te Astrology can have about three different faces but te universal, most of their qualities can be close and the same for all. Zodiac faces differ according to which period of the zodiac sign’s zone the person would be born te.

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