The Best Dating Sites for Finding a Serious Relationship

People use dating sites and apps for different reasons: flirting with strangers, no strings&#xA0,fastened&#xA0,hook-ups, summer flings etc. – but some users are looking for something more serious (perhaps even voortdurend). If you&apos,re ter search of a long-term relationship and everything that comes with it, here are the sites with the best odds for finding just that.

Dating webstek eHarmony boasts &quot,600,000 married couples who met on eHarmony,&quot, and writes on their webpagina that, on media, &quot,438 people get married every day te the United States because of eHarmony.&quot,&#xA0,

That number comes from a 2012 survey that wasgoed paid for by eHarmony, so take from it what you will – but it&apos,s certainly possible that eHarmony&apos,s reputation for leading to marriage may have the circular effect of attracting people who are looking for serious relationships.

Be forewarned, however, that eHarmony has a bit of a checkered history when it comes to inclusion. The company faced a lawsuit back te 2005 for discriminating against same-sex couples, reports CNN . Te February, eHarmony CEO Neil Clark Warren, who co-founded the company spil a Christian dating webpagina, told CNN,&#xA0,&quot,Wij didn&apos,t want to pretend to be experts on gay and lesbo couples . Wij&apos,re not anti-gay at all . It&apos,s a different match.&quot,

Ter the same vraaggesprek, Warren defended eHarmony against apps like Tinder, telling that Tinder wasgoed used for hook-ups, not marriage. is another dating webpagina that boasts a high success rate when it comes to marriages and relationships. According to studies conducted te 2009 and 2010 – again, paid for by itself –&#xA0,the webpagina &quot,has led to more than twice spil many dates . and twice spil many relationships&quot, spil its next leading competitor.

Despite the purported success rates of sites like and eHarmony, marriages and long-term relationships can still emerge from&#xA0, Tinder &#xA0,and other similar dating apps.

The best way to meet someone may still be ter person, however, especially if you&apos,re looking for a commitment. A Pew Research Center Survey released ter February found that among Americans sampled &quot,who have bot with their spouse or playmate for five years or less . &#xA0,88% say that they met their playmate offline &#x2013, without the help of a dating webpagina.&quot,

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