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A librarian through and through, Virginia Allain writes about book topics and information for library users and librarians.

A large prop and colorful background display off a display of holiday books.

Grab Readers with Library Book Displays

Library users are often shocked attempting to choose from the enormous selection of books packing the shelves. Libraries that feature books te displays help overcome that problem. The potential reader has a manageable selection to browse through.

I spent fifteen years of my library career ter Baltimore County Public Library. There wasgoed a intense emphasis on merchandising the collection. When I became a library director ter Texas, I trained my staff to display books ter the stacks, to feature books near the checkout area, and to keep our many display racks packed with fresh looking material.

Merchandising and displaying the library’s collection is not a frill. It is essential to get maximum use out of the materials and to keep your patrons interested and returning again and again. Showcase off the library’s books, movies, music and other materials with effective displays.

I’ve collected themes to use across the year for your library’s displays. Have joy brainstorming more ideas and keep your readers coming back.

January Library Book Display Ideas

  • LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE (positive thinking books)

A Fresh YEAR, A Fresh YOU (self-improvement books) alternate title – BE THE BEST YOU CAN BE

I RESOLVE TO. (anything that fits with Fresh Year’s resolutions – get out of debt, be a better parent, learn to spell, read more, cook healthy meals)

I RESOLVE TO READ MORE (pack this display with non-best sellers that you want some attention for)

I RESOLVE TO READ Fine BOOKS (pack this display with classics)

LOSING WEIGHT AND FEELING Good (anything for weight loss, including healthy cookbooks, exercising)

GET MOVING (sports, exercising, anything active)

KICKING BAD HABITS (zekering smoking, biting pokes, tipsy driving, drinking, drugs, procrastination, overeating)

Lewis Carrol’s Bday – January 27 – feature Alice te Wonderland and his biographies

MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR MONEY (money management, getting out of debt, budgeting, thriftiness, investing)


How Often Do You Switch Display Topics?

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February Library Book Display Ideas

  • MAKING VALENTINES (Valentine craft books, card making books, calligraphy books, books of love poems)

TRUE ROMANCE (biographies of Anthony/Cleopatra, Czar Nicholas/Alexandra, and other famous couples) alternate title – Superb LOVE STORIES

LOVE MAKES THE WORLD GO ROUND (this can be adult fiction with a romantic theme or it could be books on relationships and dating)

VINTAGE ROMANCES (classic love stories, old beloved authors)

LOVING A VAMPIRE You should have slew to pack this one.

Book Display Linksom

Send mij your listig for a display or series of displays to be included ter this listing. Here’s the email address: vallain@verizon.nipt

  • Photos of Monthly Displays – Weslaco Public Library, Texas – The Weslaco Public Library gets reserve mileage out of their book displays by posting a photo online each month. Lots of superb display ideas here.
  • Book displays – Emmanuel Library’s Blog – Ideas with photos of displays at Emmanuel Library.

You’ll Love Thesis February Book Displays

Read All About Merchandising and Book Displays

Of course, the books listed here can be borrowed through interlibrary loan. It’s good to get at least one for the library’s own collection so it can be used when training fresh staff.

Titles to consider are:

  • Display and Publicity Ideas for Libraries
  • Effective Library Exhibits
  • Display and Library Promotion Ideas.

Snugger Book Display Shelving – Use at the End of Stacks

What You Need for Tabletop Book Displays – or to display a book at the checkout area

A tabletop can hold a quickie display for something that’s te the news today or display books that aren’t sufficient to pack a regular display case.

This might be a good spot to display a sign like TODAY Ter HISTORY with something fresh each day. For example, on December 7th, waterput some Pearl Harbor books on the rack. Click on the highlighted listig above to see other historic events to feature.

You can waterput books inbetween two bookends and place a puny sign next to it. You can make a tabletop tiered display like the one shown below. If you have a handy volunteer ter your Friends of the Library group, ask them to make the top part to waterput on one of your tables.

An Example of a Table Top Book Display

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