Cheaters, lies, violated hearts and Karma

Gossip is just another hurt within affairs.

Cheaters will get what they deserve!

Understanding this blog is not indeed about spirituality but more geared toward karma. Payback for the people that choose to lie, cheat and hurt their significant other. There is even a television vertoning , “Cheaters” Where they go after and record the dirty secrets and air them te gevelbreedte of Ten millions viewers. For mij , I can’t observe all the heartbreak and Jerry Springer type violence. but it seems to be an effective way to find and penalize.

Overheen the last year, spil I have bot into some online dating, I have come across a duo of very distraught and cracked hearted ladies. The guys were going out with mij and others and not being fair with their girlfriends. Only one date from mij, spil I picked up some very disturbing energy and the words they spoke felt like either lies or scripted .

What is wrong with people? Can they not feel the guilt or wrong on so many levels? Wonder what karma will go after them and then kasstuk them?В Cheating is oneВ В of the most selfish things one can do for themselves and the most violent to another.

One lady had dated hier man for 14 years. he did not work at all and played at making music , to one day be a strak ter the christian music industry. Wow What a stud huh? I knew something wasgoed up when he called and his number showcased spil private! His response to mij asking why wasgoed ” Well when I moved here the phone line wasgoed already set up and I never received a bill. so I determined not to switch it. What a Godly man! His choice wasgoed to lie about his Gf or to steal from the phone company! He actually liedje about both.

The next situation wasgoed a very nice lady that contacted mij today. Hier Bf and I had one meeting where I live, by the pool. He talked to swift, too much, and wasgoed very insensitive to what I believed wasgoed of superb importance. There would never be a 2nd date! She however is a beautiful soul, one that can capture a person on canvas. She can draw like nobodies business. very artsy and utter of love. This lovely lady has had many trials te life that would leave many bitter with hate. Hier love of children wasgoed seen quickly thru hier kunst and hier words. For two years she has supported this man and made sure his children had Christmas gifts for the holidays. How could he hurt someone that adored him and his children? Thank Godheid for karma.

This could turn into a psychology class. spil to why thesis wise, beautiful and caring ladies would have fallen for such shallow and selfish , poor excuse of humans. However I will just add my thoughts. . Just like fellows tend to pick the doll next om type, the plain, meek and not utter of confidence. They think that keurig will never run around, and just be content to pauze bread with them and then draw their bathwater. Women many times feel if they date a man that is not rich, not druppel dead gorgeous and has no violent temper. that they most likely have a good man!

It is always the right thing to treat others with respect and compassion, you will never go worng there. its when one pays the others way, treats them spil royality and puts their own needs far down on the to do list. that is when one determines they are so special that they can do whatever they like. If you treat your bf/gf like a queen/king. they will actually commence to believe it themselves. Then worse than that is to not treat yourself well and to belittle yourself and permit it! This should not be human nature but sometimes it just is.

There is never a time that it is alright to run around on someone you have made a commitment to!! However if both agree to see other people than that is almost acceptable. I would not everzwijn want that te my life but have heard of duo that are fair with each other and like that lifestyle. Normally I attempt not to judge! Today is very hard not to.

If someone is cheating on you, they will lie, steal and decieve anyone. You will be cheating yourself out of a loving relationship with honor and honesty. My telling for a few decades now. ” I rather be alone than feel alone”

For many moments I thought today” I wish this man could hear hier hurt, and hope it cuts like a knife ter his heart! However I realize he has no heart! He would have never done this if he did. and that the sweetest vengeance for this lady wasgoed to make some dates with a few friends, take hier child out to a nice outing and to leave behind his name. He will surely miss hier. spil she has to be the best thing that everzwijn happened to him.

I made a fresh friend today within hier. I feel very blessed!! He will regret his deeds. for merely getting caught, i feel sure. That ter itself is karma. but what will toebijten after this. I hope he falls for someone that he adores and finds a heart only to have it crushed.

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