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Cherry Blossoms has thousands of success stories.

Here’s one of our favorites!

To all pinay viewing our profile, wij are gladfully married, wij do go on from time to time to see who else has found their hearts desire, but wij have no account here anymore, cannot response email, cannot talk, and are not looking. Wij thank you all for your heartfelt emails, and wish you all luck ter finding your special someone.

Wij keep our profiles here to inspire others that this does indeed work, and wij both know you too can find your one and only!

Maker bless each and every one of you, and good luck!!

Lolit is originally from Kidapawan but wasgoed living for almost Ten years ter Tagum when wij met.

I eventually found the love of a lifetime!

This has bot the most amazing journey, Lolit is now here ter the United States for almost seven years, she arrived on the 3rd of July 2008. She is amazed how different the US is from the Philippines and is loving it!

I instructed hier to drive, she passed hier test the 2nd time, and I bought hier a fresh car. She is working now, and has bot promoted one time into management and is close to hier 2nd promotion!

Lolit and I will be married seven years on July Legitimate, , it has bot a wild and wonderful life together! Mahal na mahal din kita my gwapa na asawa na Lolit!

Wij want to thank the Cherry Blossoms for the means to bring us together, and want to tell all other couples, and singles, this does truly work!

Our visa journey took four months begin to finish, wij know Heerser played a big part ter this. Wij have bot blessed, Lolit now has hier Ten year green card. She is presently studying for hier citizenship test.

Never give up and you will find your fantasy playmate!!

CB Talk Monitors Found Love! Read More

You may be astonished, but Love can find you te any number of ways, places and times.

Here’s a fine story from our Talk Monitors, Maggz (PinkPanther) and Marcus (MrBluiz).

While wij don’t have a talk slagroom anymore, wij hope their story will inspire you to keep searching on your Journey of Love!

Good day! Hello Ms.Lani and CB staff!

Sorry for late reply bot truly busy the past few months after mij and Marcus ( Mr.Bluiz of CB a talk instructor too like mij)got married last November of .

Very first and foremost, I would like to thank CB for providing mij the chance to meet this wonderful fellow who has a very long patience waiting for mij to say YES to him to be his gf now his wifey.Schepper is truly good …after Two years of searching he talent mij Marcus.I joined CB end of January 2008.I met a lotsbestemming of friends till now i value and cherish a loterijlot.I have lots of wonderful memories te the slagroom.I had few bfs from CB too but did not meet personally.Comes last part of 2009 I eyed Marcus te the slagroom.He just kept on viewing my profile but did not say anything.Sent mij a loterijlot of smiles that i disregarded and deleted it LOL.When he became pedagogo a month before i became a educador he had the guts to greet mij and say hello …but of course I have to say Hi back bcoz he is a instructor.He kept on watching mij on cam sometimes made mij annoyed bcoz at very first I indeed dont like him.He is out of my preferrence .But of course almost all ladies does have their own preferrences

Then when I became a maestro, thats the commence wij began to talk ter pm mainly bcoz of some slagroom problems from some wanks ter the slagroom ??.

Since then its just corriente for us to talk overheen some petite things then he embarked to ask some private things blahblah.He even asked some of my friends help to tell mij he like mij.He is very open ter the slagroom that he truly likes mij without mij knowing it bcoz hes bot telling the women whose sending him pm he likes mij.

Late part of 2010 , …we had a mutual understanding.

Thats it..wij commenced talking and dating on line while doing our job ter the slagroom ????

Nov.2011 when he very first visited mij here te Manila.

Then after a year he project to verkeersopstopping a fiance but something came up. So after a year wij project to opstopping a fiance again…just like the very first attempt something came up again. It wasgoed 2014 when eventually the application wasgoed filed but I guess I am not into leaving Pinas. Another thing came up and that incident made mij determine to let him go and even asked him to find another woman for him…but he choose to stay and said he will not leave mij.

I never thought that wij will be together spil one…we proceed dating and then eventually July of he said he will surely go back to meet mij again…and wij will pursue our project of getting married (which wasgoed supposed to be but another problem came up) Nov.Ten, , wij eventually did our vows witnessed by some of our CB friends , my families and friends. After so many fights which I know is truly part of any relationship…God made us one.Godheid is truly good.He talent mij more than what I pleaded for te his flawless time.

I am very much glad with the boy I met ter CB…the one who love mij and accepted mij for who and what I am.

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