Interested by Veronica 6 years ago When you very first began dating him, you were fresh.

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Ten Things to Keep Him Around Part Two

by Jessica Jade Robinson Three days ago

This is a countinuation to my previous hub Ten Things to Keep Him Around Part 1. I will be covering the last Five things listed ter the very first hub.

Maintain Your Mystery – Keep Him Guessing. and Interested

by Veronica 6 years ago

When you very first began dating him, you were fresh. You had mystery. He didn’t know where you were going Saturday night. He had to ask you if he wished to see you. He didn’t know all your friends, he didn’t know every detail of your life. You had him.

Boys: &quot,Complicatedly&quot, Ordinary

by acanderson24 7 years ago

A man can’t love one woman. Dudes are afraid to commit. All guys cheat. Dudes don’t want to get married. Dudes don’t like to communicate. There are so many myths about boys that I could go on and on. But ter reality thesis myths couldn’t be further from.

What makes a Woman with Attitude so attractive to some studs?

by Mistressoflove 6 years ago

A blog for a females who wonder what makes women with attitudes sexier to some fellows than the promedio women.

Ten Probable Reasons She’s NEVER Had a Beau

by ThatWallflowerJen 6 months ago

Wonder why she never had a beau hier entire life? Lemme tell you a few interesting reasons why.

Dating or marrying a divorced man with kids

by Lade st 7 years ago

Spil a little damsel. and even spil a tiener. I dreamed that I would meet the man of my fantasies. At some point te my mid-20s, I’d marry him, buy a nice little huis, and have a duo of his kids. Wij would be excellent parents together and raise blessed.

How to Know He Is ter Love with You

by Kay-Ann Fraser 17 months ago

He loves mij, he loves mij not, he loves mij, he loves mij not&hellip..He loves mij&hellip.YES, YES YES. Knowing that a man is te love with you isn’t just dependent on picking off the petals off a daisy and pound biting to reach the final petal. There is.

How To Know if a Man Truly Loves You

by accofranco Four years ago

This article will let you know if that fellow indeed loves you, or if he is moving around sleeping with other women te town. All thesis skill are for free, just because you are antsy to help your relationship excel.

The Underlying Reasons Why Some Women NEED Masculine Approval Ter Order To Feel Validated!

by Grace Marguerite Williams Five years ago

This hub is te response to the request Why do women use guys to validate themselves? Women ter postmodern society are independent and slim persons ter their own right. The socioeconomic, educational, and social status of women te postindustrial.

How to Get a Fellow to Like You Using Astrology to Make Him Attracted

by getaguytolikeyou 7 years ago

So you have found a dude who makes your heart flutter. Maybe it is his sense of humor that makes you giggle or maybe his adorable floppy hair or how talented he is at the guitar. Whatever it is, there is something so special about him that you notice.

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