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CONTROVERSIAL Channel Four vertoning Naked Attraction returned for a 2nd series – but what truly happens behind the scenes?

Hosted by 46-year-old Anna Richardson, the programme sees a series of six contestants unwrap down to select a date te the buff.

Exposing all about the vertoning, courageous participant Gavin explained that there wasgoed not a financial incentive to take part te the voorstelling, but everyone who does emerge is &ldquo,finta like-minded&rdquo.

&ldquo,If you&rsquo,re on standby and you don&rsquo,t emerge on the vertoning then you get paid &pound,75 for being te the slagroom. You don&rsquo,t get paid if you&rsquo,re on the showcase. I got accepted. I think it&rsquo,s finta hard to get rejected &ndash, most people who apply get on,&rdquo, he said.

Speaking to iNews, the contestant told how he had to casting naked before the cameras embarked rolling, explaining: &ldquo,I went down to Newcastle, sat down and chatted with a camerawoman and a masculine interviewee. Then they said &lsquo,Can you take your clothes off now and pitch yourself to us?&rsquo, It lasted about 45 minutes. It wasn&rsquo,t so awkward, they made mij feel at ease.&rdquo,

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Naked Attraction: What Indeed happens behind the scenes on Channel Four series

They come round and take explosions of pictures for the mash ups. It wasgoed quiebro a lengthy process, but pleasant

Gavin – Naked Attration

Appearing on the voorstelling out of a sense of &ldquo,patriotic duty&rdquo,, the Kenyan-born buffet manager from Edinburgh eyed an advert online exposing that there had bot a lack of rente ter the display from Scottish audiences.

Brought to the studio ter the nude for 7am filming, 24-year-old Gavin continued: &ldquo,It&rsquo,s a long day. They do some hair and makeup and then you get to meet the people you&rsquo,re up against. You&rsquo,ve got about two hours of standing ter a opbergruimte until it all starts. It ended up being from seven te the morning to three te the afternoon to filmrolletje half an hour of television.&rdquo,

Ogled on television alongside six others, he gushed: &ldquo,They come round and take geysers of pictures for the mash ups. It wasgoed fairly a lengthy process, but pleasant. You were sweating because there wasgoed a light shining on you, but there wasgoed a draft so it wasgoed a bit cold, so there wasgoed fairly a loterijlot of wiggling going on by the boys. Whenever the camera wasn&rsquo,t on, everyone wasgoed jiggling themselves to attempt and make themselves look thicker.&rdquo,

Unluckily for Gavin, Adele picked another contestant and knocked him out of the competition after just two rounds, but Gavin said that only one of his on-screen rivals felt that their confidence had taken a kasstuk.

Daring to naked all talent Gavin a confidence boost, he insists, but his family were not spil glad with the broadcast.

Naked Attraction: Gavin appearing on Anna Richardson’s Channel Four series

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