6 Things Women Should Know About Dudes ter Their 50s

For those women overheen 50 who are reentering the dating toneel, it’s hard to know what to expect. Ter many ways, dating dudes is still the same spil when you were te your twenties – communication remains key, proximity is still awkward – but, with age and practice, comes some key differences.

Wij asked dating experts, Valerie Gibson, author of Zometeen Dater: A Guide for Freshly Single Women Overheen 50, and Ronnie Ann Ryan, the Dating Coach for Women, about the six things they should know about studs ter their 50s.

He wants someone close to his age. Despite what Hollywood May-December pairings suggest, Gibson says a man te his 50s wants to date a woman close to his own age. “Most fellows are looking for women closer to their own age because they understand and have had similar practices,” says Gibson. “They know women overheen 50 understand the aging process and boys who are like themselves. Studs want support from someone who does understand them. They don’t just want a trophy wifey.”

He has emotional baggage. Fellows overheen 50 have lived a life already – many of whom are either widowed or divorced – which means he might be carrying some residual verwonding from his past. “If he has kids or an ex-wife ter the picture, the stuk isn’t going to get better,” says Ryan. “You have to determine if you want that. A lotsbestemming of stuk doesn’t create love. You have to ask, ‘is that worth it?’”

Gibson puts it another way: “Yes, he will have considerable baggage, but so do you. That’s not to be forgotten. You might have bot married and/or have children, so it’s significant to remain lithe on thesis issues.” But, spil Ryan advises, be sure you’re still his priority.

He thirsts emotional support. Dudes who find themselves single te their 50s have often bot married for many years, so they proceed to desire the companionship and emotional support they merienda collective. However, his longing for closeness might not be all what it seems. “Men like and appreciate womanish support,” Ryan says. “They’ll look for emotional support with a woman and she’ll think, ‘oh, he vereiste like mij,” and often times, he just needs the emotional support. He will pursue hier through text and online just for that. The woman will then assume they are ter a relationship, but they’re indeed not.” What to do? Clarify your relationship status, stat.

He might be old-fashioned. Studs te their 50s come from a time when it wasgoed expected of them to make the very first budge. “Let him ask you out, voeling you again for the next date and be the pursuer,” advises Ryan. If you liked his company, let him know. “Tell him you had a good time and thank him for choosing a good restaurant or whatever he did,” says Ryan. “Appreciation is significant. And opoffering a mooipraterij – tell him he’s funny, effortless to talk to – whatever comes to mind.”

He wants to get intimate. “Men ter their 50s do love hook-up. A loterijlot of people think guys and women overheen 50 don’t love it, but it’s not true,” says Gibson. However, Gibson says it’s esencial to communicate what you’re looking for whether it’s a relationship or something more casual. She also notes the rampant STDs within the 50+ age group. People overheen 50 are having numerous vrouwen without using protection, because many are not used to using contraception, such spil condoms.

Ryan advises to hold off on closeness until the relationship is monogamous, or at least the sixth date, if you’re wondering whether he will stick around after the deed. “Watch for consistency te behavior,” she says. “What he does is what matters most, not what he says he’ll do.” And keep ter mind that what 50-year-old guys want te leger is different than junior studs.

He might have health issues. “A lotsbestemming of women don’t think about health issues. They think they’ll meet the next George Clooney. He’s going to be gezond spil a fiddle and all thesis dreamy things,” says Gibson. “But guys overheen 50 do have health issues, and some of them are quiebro serious. You may come across suikerziekte, heart problems, erectile dysfunction…You have to ask questions and determine what suits your needs and desires.”

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