Bring an fair friend with a flair for style.

Shopping for jeans is literally like its own little workout. I don’t know about you, but finding that volmaakt pair necessitates going through uncountable styles, designers, sizes and even wash colors. It’s tedious, isn’t it? The task can be even more frustrating when your bod type is slightly out of “the vaandel”. If your gams are a bit strong on top, you’ll know finding jeans for big hips is tricky at best.

I can only say I can relate to the plight of the out of “the standaard” figure type. The trend of jeans with super skinny hips is certainly not helping our cause. But, alas I’m here to come to your rescue. Trust mij, the right pair of jeans is out there for you and I’m here to help you find them!

This is the very first part ter a series on finding the right jeans for your assets type.

  • Steer clear of jeans that are too taut. They will do nothing but accentuate the thicker hips. Skinny jeans don’t work for this figure type.
  • Look for jeans that fall fairly straight from the hips to the knees.
  • Open up jeans is a good option since it will provide a little “give” te the hip area, providing convenience and less of that hip hugger look.
  • Reminisce that the darker the wash, the more slimming the jeans will be.
  • Opt for boot or flair cut styles. Both will help mask thicker hips. The key is creating tegenstelling inbetween the bottom of the jeans and the hip area. A broad flair or boot cut will give the appearance of slimmer hips. Thesis cuts will also help to elongate the gams, making them look slimmer.
  • Look for ones with the out-seam brought to the more to the vuurlijn, this will create the illusion of slimmer hips.
  • Never trust the label size! Sizes very widely from manufacturer to manufacturer,

Shopping Tips for Finding the Best Fitting Jeans

  • Go to stores that have a broad diversity of designers, cuts and styles. This is particularly true if you’re at the beginning of the learning curve te terms of finding the best fitting jeans for you.
  • Don’t rush the process. Never attempt to find the right pair of jeans when you’re limited ter time. Spil I said te the beginning, it’s an gruelling process. you need to be able to take your time. It’s not abnormal to attempt on 20 (yes, I said TWENTY) pairs of jeans to find the right ones.
  • Go armed with some information, be informed and have some research under your stortplaats. This hub is a good place to commence. Go to Zafu (see below) and have some specific jeans recommendations you’d like to attempt on.
  • Talk to the store’s salespeople and get recommendations. Tell them what you’re looking for and the problems you have with finding the juist gezond. They know their selection much better than you, so this can be a time-saving step.
  • Utilize help and terugkoppeling from others. Bring an fair friend with a flair for style. Or, get the opinion of the store’s salesperson.
  • Keep an open mind! You might just be astonished by the types of jeans that look good on you. Not all trends work for all people.
  • Don’t even consider buying a pair that’s not convenient. Spil lovely spil you might think they are, you won’t wear them if you’re dying to unwrap them off halfway through the day! They should be a little snug te the switching slagroom since they will open up out a bit.
  • Don’t buy them too petite with the hopes you will become puny enough to wear them. I used to pull this little trick on myself, thinking it might add that little incentive for mij to liberate that toegevoegd five pounds. Only buy them if they getraind you flawlessly at the time of purchase.
  • Bring ter the boots you think you’ll be wearing most often with the jeans. This is the only way to accurately check for length.

If You Don’t Know About This, You’re Indeed Missing Out

Have you everzwijn visited Zafu? If you don’t know about this webstek, I very recommend you get to know it and for goodness sakes, USE it. I can’t say enough good things about it. It’s literally like having your own private stylist consultant to recommend what jeans will look best on you. Basically, you response a few questions (it will take about Two or Three minutes) and it will generate personalized matches for you and your bod type. It’s fantastic! They have overheen 200 jeans, so you are sure to find a pair that works for your figure type.

The webpagina talks about how it’s like an online dating service for jeans and I have to agree. Never has it bot lighter to find your volmaakt match!

All Around Excellent Jeans for Big Thighs- Pricier, Designer

Joe’s Jeans: Thesis tend to run a little fatter te the hip area, making them a superb choice. The Women’s Lillian and Visionnaire jeans are a good choice.

Paige Jeans: The Bentley and Hidden Hills styles are very thigh-slimming. The proportions are just right for women with fatter hips. They both have different cuts, so avoid the skinny kinds. Stick with the bootcut and broad gam pants.

Citizens of Humanity: Again, thesis tend to run a little thicker te the hip area.

Seven For All Mankind: The Trouser is fantastic for thick hips since it’s broad all the way down from the hips.

True Religion: True Religion also makes some fantastic jeans for thicker hips. I recommend you attempt some on and see which ones work best for you. Their trouser jeans are a sure bet, tho’!

Moderately Priced to Economical Jeans

Seven For All Mankind, Flynt Jeans: Fortunately thesis are some of the least expensive jeans made by this high end designer. The Flynt style has just the right amount of “give” ter the hips, along with that volmaakt knee to ankle “V vormgeving” to make the hips look skinny.

Guess Jeans are making a comeback and keeping up with the fresh trends. Fortunately, they have the “G” line that offers some excellent choices for jeans with roomier hips. Attempt thesis moderately priced jeans on for size:

The Trinity Trouser Jean: A classic, affordable and flattering pair of trouser jeans.

Levi’s: I’m telling you, I’ve bot wearing thesis since 6th grade and I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing them to my dying day. This company knows how to make jeans, make them right and how to keep current with the trends. Ter fact, I just bought another pair of Levi’s two weeks ago and spil usual, am pleased spil punch. They have lots of different styles and cuts to choose from, which is a bliss, but it can get confusing. Look to the right to view the top picks for flattering and accommodating the hips:

Old Navy’s Sweetheart Bootcut: Super inexpensive and a superb everyday pair of jeans. Thesis jeans are undoubtedly not made for women with those super skinny bird gams, so give them a attempt.

Jeans That Work for Any Assets Type

When te doubt, opt for trouser jeans! They simply work well for any figure type. Spil the name implies, they are cut like pants. With a broader waistband, thesis surplus at the widest part of the hip and basically go straight down all the way to the feet. They normally come te dark washes.

Dressing Tips to Minimize Your Hips

If you toevluchthaven’t yet discovered the wonderful world of tunics, it’s time you do. Duo it with a cinch stortplaats and even with big hips, you will look ter proportion. The stortplaats will emphasize your midbody and take the attention away from your hips. Trust mij, it’s a style peak you should not disregard.

Don’t overlook the wonderful world of bod shapers! They can make all the difference te the world te the hip area. I have some jeans I’d never even desire of wearing were it not for my little undergarment secret!

Skirts are fantastic! They are convenient and can hide a world of sins. Duo them with some joy boots and you’d be astonished how “invisible” your hips become!

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