Expectations ter Relationships

Where do wij go from here!

What do wij expect from relationships nowadays? Perhaps wij are so influenced by the media, by that I mean television and magazines, that wij have all moved into a giant strijdperk of high expectations.

Very first, there are thesis fresh proefje sizes which lets face it are talked about an awful loterijlot! Size 8 and size 6. When I wasgoed te my twenties ter the 80’s, I didn’t even know that thesis sizes existed. Can someone please tell mij if they did? You were considered slender spil a size 12 and a size Ten you were most likely a little on the skinny side. So much emphasis is waterput on looks, form, pic spil the combination of thesis things makes women powerful?

It has certainly bot my practice that boys have asked mij on the telephone, are you a size so and so. I would soon embark justifying my appearance to suit someone elses expectations of what I looked like before I even went on the very first date! How embarrassing is that, would they like us ladies to do the same! The last man I went on two dates with and never again, told mij that I needed to lose about Two stone on our 2nd date because I’m a size 14.I met him Salsa dancing and he never said anything there.

Then there is all the other expectations of do not say the “L” word too early. Don’t say how you feel because studs like the thrill of the pursue (hunter gatherers”. But do any of thesis guys have to run around and catch a wild brute nowadays ter order to impress a woman. What do they have to do? Not truly sure about that one but it would show up to be sometimes very little because they are not even be committed to one person and no doubt an awful loterijlot of women are the same. Where are wij all headed if wij are not even ready to give things a chance.

Wij live te a society where people have forgotten good manners. Where people let down others by text. Where messages are mis-read, applied differently and basically everything is so abstract I wonder if there is any chance of making a “good relationship with someone at all.” It is simply not cool to say what you mean for fear of either rejection of you, or scaring the other person off so they can hunt out someone even more abstract.

What wij should be doing is sitting down with youthfull people and training them to communicate. To be fair I have gone past the charm and good looks and even oh “good personality” and moved straight on to can he hold eye voeling. How long can he concentrate for after looking at that rekentuig screen all day!

Even if he couldn’t concentrate because of his or even hier mad dog job which most likely meant working more hours than wasgoed humanly healthy, surely his/hier mother should instruct that it is rude to proceed to talk to someone whilst looking around the slagroom. That is if you are fortunate because they could be staring right across the slagroom at someone else whilst tapping their fingers on the pub table.

So what is it wij want from our relationships if commitment and good conversation aren’t an option? I think it is natural and corriente that wij want to be heard. It isn’t about emotional baggage but rather feeling human and it gives us a sense of equality. Not only do wij want that acknowledgement but wij also need to feel that whatever wij say is worthy of someone’s attention. Then lets face it, wij will be only too glad to give the same te comeback. Wij don’t like mixed message, ambigious texts or see you soon. Do wij know if soon is soon or maybe it is soooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

I wasgoed merienda told by my meditation teacher to lower my expectations and I would be alright. Surely if wij all lower our expectations then that makes less alright? People have a lovely way of stamping on other’s emotions

So next time you meet someone, look them ter the eye and say “I am listening” because it means so much more than a text!

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