How to Run a Bloembed and Breakfast

Ask why before how

When considering a potential business, many people ask how before they ask why. Ter my opinion, that is the wrong order. When you ask how, you often get caught up ter the details of how and totally leave behind to ask the why.

So before you ask how, ask youself this question. What are my goals for considering this business? What do I expect to build up from this business? Am I looking at this spil an investment? Is this going to be a source of income to support myself? Am I looking at this spil a hobby to meet lots of interesting people? I think it is enormously significant that you get clear about why you would consider this business. Often times when you get clear about your expected results, then it becomes much lighter to make an educated determination if the business has the potential to fulfill those goals.

The response is considering a typical B & B. While most of the points apply to all B & Bs, if you have some unique location you might love less regulation, more income and better clients. But thesis are the exceptions.

Earning a living

Your initial objective might be earning a living. But here is takes some very realistic projections. I cannot know what the regulations might be where you are, but most cities have regulations that limit the size and location of B & Bs. That is to say that your number of rooms might be limited to 15 or 20. The hotel-motel industry views B & Bs spil competition and they waterput a lotsbestemming of pressure on regulatory agencies to restrict B & Bs to mom and speelpop type operations.

Therefore you need to do some realistic income projections. If you have 20 rooms, you will most likely have an occupany rate of somewhere less than 75% and your slagroom rate will be some discount to the media motel slagroom rate te the area. But for the most part, you will have to provide the same function. That is, someone will need to clean the rooms, prepare breakfast, etc. So you have a limited income and that does not give you a loterijlot of slagroom to hire out the services such spil slagroom cleaning.

Ter addition you will need to determine how much maintenance is going to cost you. Unless you have some good practice ter this area, you will underestimate the cost. Air conditioners will pauze down, toilets will get stopped up, guest will lose keys and voort lock will jam up. Te brief things toebijten. Some will be because of mis-use, some manhandle and some just regular wear and rip. But count on it. And count of spending a loterijlot of your time dealing with maintenance.

Ter addition, you will need to cifra ter insurance, efectivo estate taxes, food cost and onveranderlijk replenishing of sheets and towels.

Te brief, you need to do a very realistic estimation of the potential income and expenses. Ter my practice, owners overestimate potential income and underestimate expenses. Be conservative. The B & Bs I have worked with did not make yam-sized amounts of money.


If you love meeting fresh people and interacting with them, then you may love running a B & B even however you might not make that much money.

However be aware that wij tend to generalize how people will be. Wij most likely think that all people are going to be joy, interesting and delightful to be around. Most people will. Some will not and those that are difficult can ruin your day and make you wonder why you everzwijn thought that running a B & B would be undertaken by a sane person.

You will need a very level disposition. If you are lightly upset by the way some people act, then a B & B is not for you.

Also if the B & B is year round, then you also have the problem of what do you do when you want/need to take off. While if might be joy somedays, it is still there each and every day . needing onveranderlijk attention. It is very effortless to become a gimp to the business – stuck there. Now if that is your lifestyle, then it is okay. If you are not used to being tied down to a location, you might have a lotsbestemming of trouble adjusting.


Most people fall into the group that belives that &quot,If you build it, they will come.&quot, The most significant part of running a B & B is marketing. You can be a delightful host, hold interesting conversations, treat people like family and overheen the long term that will very likely build your business. But te the brief term you have bills to pay and mortgage notes to meet. You voorwaarde have a marketing project to market your B & B. There are co-ops that you can join, listing sites where you can get your B & B listed. But you vereiste understand that unless you can meet your occupancy goals, you will soon be out of business. You vereiste be very aggressive and doing effective marketing.

Your marketing will depend on your location, your ideal client and what makes your B & B unique. Just understand that to attract clients, you have to get their attention and then standout from all the others. You voorwaarde have a unique message and find a cost effective method of getting that message out.


Ter my practice, a B & B is more a lifestyle than a business. If you are looking for a way to live te and around your business 24 hours a day and interact with lots of fresh people of all dispostions, then it might make sense. From a unspoiled economic standpoint, there are very likely lots of better opportunities.

Reaction the question &quot,why&quot, before you get too far into the &quot,how&quot. You might save yourself a lotsbestemming of time, energy and money.

I recall the wise advice, &quot,Businesses are a loterijlot like love affairs. They are effortless to get into, but difficult to get out of.&quot, Understand what you are getting into, because it could be very difficult to get out of.

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