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      Often with online dating, someone is interested te someone, but the feeling is just not mutual? So, what should wij do when this occurs? Do you let them know? Do you overlook or block them? Do you instantaneously delete your profile?

      Gentle Let Down or Nasty Waterput Down?

      I have, te the past, sent a few rejection letters. Merienda, I had a señor I work with send mij a message. Other times I have had someone message mij numerous times. Both times I attempted to be polite and let them down ter a gentle, nice way.

      I hadn’t indeed thought too much about the concept of a rejection letterteken until I got this from a boy: “Please NEVER voeling mij again. I am not at all interested ter you.”

      Wow, yeah, he used the word please, but wasgoed that a little harsh? Here’s the kicker – I never did voeling him. I never emailed him, never winked or wooed, never did anything except look at his profile. That alone tells mij to discount what he is telling, obviously, this stud has issues.

      When is a Rejection Letterteken Suitable?

      This got mij thinking…when is a rejection letterteken adequate, and when is it just mean? Do you tend to disregard messages from people you aren’t interested ter or do you feel that if they took the time to write you, the least you can do is write back?

      I have no idea what the fellow who messaged mij wasgoed thinking. I don’t know if he wasgoed attempting to be a masturbate, or if he thinks he’s a fantastically nice man for letting mij know that I should not waste my time looking at his profile (and oh yes, I blocked him!) I would like to believe that he had good intentions….but how do OUR good intentions come across to the rejectee?

      I Want to Hear From Our Readers!

      I don’t have an reaction today…I truly want to hear from our readers. Have you sent rejection letters? Did you get responses to them? Have you received rejection letters? Were they nice or mean? How did they make you feel?

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