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Working moms are taking the plunge into online single parent dating. Get out there dating – indeed!

You’re single, you’re a mom, you have a job—and you want to date. Mij too. So before you tell mij it’s unlikely, I suggest you this: Anything is possible! I know, I know, the logistics of dating spil a solo parent who’s working to provide for hier family can get rough. I’m right there te the trenches online at single parents’ dating sites and on apps, looking for love and, mostly, looking to stay out of trouble. Sometimes it seems I’m swimming ter a very shallow dating pool, but I haven’t given up and taken ter fifty cats. Yet.

So here’s the down-low on dating sites I’ve attempted spil a SWM (single working mother). You should attempt too. And recall: You can do it at huis, at night after the kids go to bloembed, te your pajamas if you want.

Phone Apps

Pros: Tinder is quick and effortless. You set it up through your Facebook account and set your preferences within minutes. You won’t waste time packing out large forms and questionnaires, and your pictures are right there on Facebook. (Caveat: Don’t use photos of you with your kids or of them alone, for their safety. You never know.) Searching for matches is super plain. Merienda you’ve set age and distance preferences, you commence swiping. A plain swipe left, and that fantasy boy is gone forever, a elementary swipe right, and he could end up a match for life!

Cons: Since you’re limited with your search parameters, you may sift through a lotsbestemming of matches just to find one gepast man. From search alone you only know age and distance, and then it’s up to the dudes to pack ter the blanks shortly with some profile description. Some studs don’t even write a thing! This leaves you wondering things like:

• What does he do?

• Is he divorced, separated or single?

The list goes on.

The most frustrating facet about Tinder: Merienda you swipe left, the man is gone for life unless you purchase an upgrade with the capability to take back your “swiping decision.” Plus, this webpagina seems to be loaded with fellows who are simply collecting matches and “liking” you because they’re bored and need something to look at. (Yeah, I said that!) Te brief, Tinder is known to be a hook-up app, so you’ll have to hunt hard to strike gold.

Pros: What makes it unique is women have to pitch the very first message. Guys cannot voeling you very first. This is a hefty professional. Like Tinder, Bumble is effortless to set up. It uses your Facebook information and within seconds, voila!—there you are, pretty spil a picture te your fresh profile.

While there have bot one or two saucy gentlemen I’ve come across, for the most part the dudes have desired to go on dates pretty quickly. (My practice with Tinder wasgoed that fellows could waste your precious single-mom minutes messaging you back and forward.) Bumble’s thickest plus: You can “take back” a negative, left swipe for free (unlike Tinder)! So if I make a mistake or want a 2nd look at someone, I can backtrack and revisit a potential match.

Cons: Like on Tinder, you’re searching studs knowing very little about them. This feels like a waste of time when you match with someone only to find out that, bam! You’ve got no desire to go out with this jobless loser. This app is for iPhone only, so if you’re an Android fan, you’re out of luck.

Best things about apps:

• They’re free unless you go for upgrades.

• Effortless to install and run a profile ter seconds.

• Unlike websites, creepy guys out of your age range and distance cannot voeling you.

Phone apps are quick to install and use but often come with glitches. Messages often freeze or are never received. Additionally, because fellows tend to simply look at the photos without reading the profile blurb, some were caught off-guard and turned off when they discovered I wasgoed a mom. Not my problem!

Extra apps to attempt:


Pros: Match is obviously well-known, so chances are there will be a fair selection of guys (however I can’t promise they’ll be fine). Match lets you narrow your search terms, including whether your date has kids and his income range, which helps you filterzakje. Photos are effortless to upload, and you can pick and choose how many questions you want to reaction or leave wit. Match also does meetup events, which are great—but be ready: If you live ter the suburbs, you will have to go to the nearest city to attend.

Te order to message people, you have to pay for a subscription. The voor here is that fellows who are paying are more likely to message back and make dates.

Cons: A webstek is more difficult and takes more time than an app, mitts down. However, you can filterzakje your matches better. You will get emailed by anyone and everyone tho’, whether they’re ter your search parameters or not, so be ready. Also, unless you subscribe, it’s difficult to use for a trial period to see if you want to pay for their subscription. I recommend signing up when you can find a Groupon. I’ve seen a lotsbestemming of people succeed on Match, so if you’re going to pay for something, attempt this webpagina.

Pros: The webpagina doesn’t ask for copious amounts of information, but there were questions and places to “display” my personality. It wasgoed effortless to upload photos off my laptop, and I wasgoed up and running ter minutes. You can narrow your search to weed out certain things you don’t want.

Cons: I didn’t last long here. It’s possible your location will be different from my location, but the majority of guys with profiles were older than 55 or had “questionable” single parent statuses. I wouldn’t be astonished if some were never single parents and simply thought a single mom might be “easy prey.” Spil for the 55 year old, his children are most likely long gone from his huis. That’s a massive dynamic difference from mij, te my late 30s with a little one not even ter jardín de infancia. After just a few searches, I deleted my account, having found the dating pool there to be unbelievably shallow. You may have a different practice.

The quick & dirty: EHarmony worked well for a few of my friends—but none of them were single parents. If you live te a city, chances are you’ll find people nearby to connect with, if you live ter the suburbs, prepare for matches fifty miles away. Not practical for a single working mother. They do a nice job with their psychological tests, strapped to introduce you to better matches, but the process is long and it costs. Overall, I recommend avoiding this webpagina unless you have time to set up the profile, want to pay for the features and don’t mind meeting people halfway across your state.

The quick & dirty: OkCupid is free (yay!) and works like other web dating sites—you use specific search parameter’s to filterzakje through matches, which makes your hunt lighter. The universal profile pagina is effortless to pack out, but there are a billion different questions you can expand on to determine if you’re a match or someone’s “enemy.” A loterijlot of the questions can be good, but fair warning: Some here are racy. I got a few welgevoeglijk dates from OkCupid with flagrante nice guys, but I also got a ton of messages from guys way too youthful for mij looking for a Mummy (barf), or who fake their profiles (adding kids) to scam mij.

Websites permit you to upload more photos than apps, and you can narrow your search parameters. But they usually take more time to set up. And be ready to get klapper up by creeps or people outside of your dating search terms.

Extra sites to attempt:

Zoosk (same spil above—not successful for mij, and cheesy!)

The bottom line, ladies? Make time to date. Will you have the same ease and time you had before you became Mommy? No—but you deserve to have love te your life!

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