Two Reasons You Should Never Use Photos Of Your Kids On Dating Sites

Keep your kids out of your dating profile photos. Don’t even crop them out. Keep them out entirely.

Do you bring your kids with you to your very first date? Of course not. So keep photos of your children off your dating profile.

Your photos are the very first thing women see and you’re making a mistake if you think every woman is going to see pictures of your kids and think, “Awwww…how lovely.”

I witnessed this on a Q&A webpagina about photo tips where a woman wrote: “Seeing kids te photos deviants mij out, I don’t care if they’re not yours, that millisecond of doubt is enough to make mij instantly close your profile.”

Below are Two reasons why you should never use photos of your kids on dating sites. And believe mij, Two reasons are more than enough.

1. You Have No Idea Who Is Online

You don’t know who is on the other end of the screen checking out your dating profile. You assume it’s women right? Well, here’s a fact that may make you reconsider using photos of your kids:

According to Statistics Brain, 10% of hookup offenders use a dating webpagina to meet people.

You want to protect yourself from thesis creeps and the best way to do it is by keeping your kids off your profile photos.

And think about this, most people use the same photos on their dating profile spil they do on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. What’s the harm with that? Well, you can track people down based on their profile photos.

So, someone can download the photo of you and your kid from your dating webpagina and then use Google pics to find individual information about you if that same photo is used anywhere else online.

Protect your child’s privacy, don’t use photos of your kids on dating sites.

Two. Women Are Looking To Meet You, Not Your Kids

Women are on dating sites to meet YOU and you only. Even however you have kids, you don’t need to add photos of them.

But wait, you say “I have my kid te my photos because it’s an fair representation of what my life looks like.” This is nonsense.

I get it. You love your kids. They’re encantador. They’re the best thing that every happened to you.

But your dating profile is about you, not your children. Your dating profile photos should capture the essence of who you are, your passions, hobbies, and interests.

Women want to see if they’re compatible with you. I’m not telling hide your kids. Far from it. There’s a better way to vertoning you have kids on your dating profile which I share below.

I’m simply recommending you keep kids off your profile photos because it’s not suitable.

How You Share You Have Kids On Your Dating Profile

There are two places you should share you have kids on your dating profile:

  1. The sidebar of your dating profile.
  2. Your self-summary section where you write about yourself.

Thesis are the only suitable places where to mention your children. Believe mij, women read your profile and will know you have children if you mention them ter either of thesis places.

Final Thoughts

Don’t postbode photos of your kids on your dating profile. It’s not appealing and not adequate. They have no say ter the matter either.

I toevluchthaven’t even touched on if it’s even reglamentario to use your kid’s photos without the mother’s consent. That’s something most people don’t even consider.

You aren’t hiding your kids by excluding them from your photos, you are protecting their privacy.

You also may be scaring women away because it’s a little “too much, too soon.” There are slew of women who are open to dating single fathers but may be creeped out eyeing photos with you and your kids.

Do you use photos of your kids on dating sites? What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below.

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