And wij both did.

Dear Veronica,

Veronica, your advice is brilliant. I’ve bot reading this pagina for the last few days and feel so enlightened. Maybe you can enlighten mij some more on my current situation?

I’ve bot eyeing this boy (he is 25 and I am 21, wij go to the same collegium, and he lives 15 minutes away from mij). Wij met at a friend’s party at the end of May. I had my eye on him that entire night, and so did he. The next day a mutual friend messaged mij and said he asked who the hell I wasgoed and if I wasgoed single. I wasgoed thrilled. A week after the party, he sent mij a message through facebook telling wij should dangle out soon. Long story brief, wij were having a lotsbestemming of joy on our dates. Besides the fact that he’s VERY outgoing and I’m a timid person, wij realized that wij have SO much te common – being raised ter a Russian household, deaths, interests, how wij feel towards one another, etc. June – July wasgoed going indeed well, wij were dangling out Four days a week and going with the flow. Wij leisurely transitioned into a relationship without forcing anything. He told mij he never felt this way about a female before and that he never desired to be ter a relationship until now. Te the middle of July I left to Europe for an entire month (I told him from the begin I had to go to explore there) That wasn’t a problem at all. He told mij he will wait because his feelings are strong. And wij both did. Wij spoke on skype almost every other day and couldn’t wait to see each other. He told mij he wants to meet my parents and vice versa merienda I get back. I returned around the beginning of August, and everything felt like a fantasy come true. Wij were genuinely glad to be back ter eachother’s arms. Then all of a unexpected, collegium embarked and reality began to kick ter. He works Four days a week and has 6 classes, while I don’t work and have Five classes. Wij weren’t watching each other spil often, and when wij did, he’d invite mij to dangle with his friends. I wasgoed getting a bit upset because I want to spend time with him alone and wasgoed embarking to drift. I told him that I’m confused because wij hardly see each other often and that crushed him. He said he did not want to lose mij, but he only has so much time to gezond ter his family, friends, schoolwork, and a gf. Just to point out, he did waterput te effort. And I’m not a needy gf at all, I do have a life of my own. He would text/call mij everyday and would attempt to project things for us. He wasgoed stressed about my feelings and I wasgoed kleintje of sentimental about observing him merienda or twice a week only. A week passed after that conversation until it wasgoed brought up again. I wasgoed still bummed and tense about not witnessing him so he drove to my house to talk. Wij agreed that wij don’t know what to do because he will only become busier spil the semester progresses and he doesn’t want up to get even more hurt. The entire time he wasgoed tearing and holding mij ter his arms. Wij concluded that wij don’t want to pauze up, but wij don’t want our feelings towards each other turn sour either. It seemed like a weird pauze up. Two days after that, it commenced to eat mij up. I wasgoed still confused (still kleuter of am), so I texted him this:

Mij: Hey. not sure if you got my call yesterday or not.. Just wished to say something (when you get a chance)

Him: Hey, I didn’t your call last night. What’s up

Mij: I’ve bot thinking a loterijlot the past Three days and I truly don’t want it to end especially like that – not sure what you presently feel, that’s just my input

Him: I’m thinking about you a loterijlot, I don’t know if I’m ready to go back how it wasgoed. I felt like I embarked to get off track and wij just weren’t eyeing eye to eye. Its not that I stopped liking you, but it commenced turning into something I didn’t want

Mij: I don’t want it to be like that either. I feel like wij just got truly angry, without actually working it out, and dropped it on impulse

Mij: I still like you a lotsbestemming and it’s a strange feeling knowing that and just cutting it off

Him: I don’t think it wasgoed that impulse. I wasgoed kinda hurt, it happened more than 1x.

Mij: Wij didn’t find a way to work it out collectively. I’m still hurt spil fuck

Him: I am too. But maybe wij just need to chill back for a bit, I know I do. Wij just weren’t observing eye to eye. I’m not all blessed overheen here either, bot bummed spil fuck.

Mij: I’m so upset because I never desired it to end. Still don’t. But if that’s how you feel, then that’s cool

Mij: It’s like if wij eis to like each other so much, then wij can’t wij just look past it

Him: I wasgoed hurt. I indeed wasgoed

Him: I need to chill for a 2nd

Mij: I understand. I don’t know where to go from this

Mij: And I apologize that my deeds hurt you

Him: I don’t want to make another stir based on impulse. I don’t know where to go.

Him: I feel the same way. I don’t want to liberate you.

Him: I don’t want you to think I just said fuck this. This took a loterijlot out of mij.

Mij: It just hurts because wij can’t work it out. I want to see you now, and I can’t. Blows

Mij: wasgoed what wij had indeed so tedious?

Him: No, but I didn’t want it to be.

Mij: It wasn’t even torment being with you

Him: It wasn’t torment for mij. I had to go with how I felt. It doesn’t have to be worst screenplay

Him: I can’t be around enough to be a good bf or a utter time bf w/e. This isn’t effortless for mij either

That’s pretty much it. Do you feel that it is best to leave behind us? I’m not sure what he means by us needing to “chill out”. I’m so confused right now. Ah. Any thoughts would be appreciated 🙂

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