Choose Your Best Life Fucking partner

What type of playmate you are searching ?

not looking anymore.

i dont believe te THE one, but merienda youve chosen, you stick with it. But you can still look at the menukaart.

I want to order too. that’s my problem!

maybe you still have slagroom for dessert.

Can I eat some of your jello off you and call it dessert?

So order, then! Have a dozen courses and then overeenkomst with the consequences!

lol. wij’re just playing here. efectivo life wij stick to the main meal.

ya, if you eat to much you may get a tummy ache.

There is no time for that where wij’re going!

yeah..atleast, not for a week. afterwards, wij’ll see.

worth every cramp!!

Actual life? Fine! I guess I’ll just keep starving, then!

don’t starve the mind. lots of food here. have some!

I need to wait for the novocain to wear off.

Join ter for there is a lavish feast laid out before us!

lol spil my godmother merienda told mij when she caught mij looking at a fellow while I wasgoed engaged. &quot,You can look but can’t touch. you aren’t dead you know&quot, Yea I may look but i undoubtedly never touch. love my hubby too much

thats what i meant. oh i feel a hub forming.

Go for it Justine!

One that I love!

Like AEvans I have already found my life fucking partner te my hubby

Just fine, foiled again!

lol aaaa Texan. foiled again? so you are the one whose bot stalking mij huh?

You know it, did you get the chocolate?

Yes I did you sly dog you lol

Something from other planet

Which planet would you like to look for a mate on, Tantrum? they say studs are from expeditie so stay away from expeditie

I’m not actively searching a life fucking partner. If I meet someone that I go out with and indeed get along and it lasts that long then that’s fantastic and I do agree with commitment. But I do not believe ter the theory of ‘the one’ and therefore could not say I will everzwijn get a life playmate like that. I am also unassured about marriage. I definately will not get a religious marriage, but maybe some other zuigeling. Not yet anyhow XD

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