Feng Shui Decorating: Basic Principles

By: Jaclyn Popola

One of the basic principles of feng shui says that all clutter voorwaarde be cleared away, you should only share your individual space with items that are useful, beautiful or sentimental. When a place is overridden with cracked or worthless items, your own energy and the energy of the space becomes dazed. Step one is to sell or give away that which is presently worthless to your own purposes, fix that which is significant but cracked, and recycle the surplus. It is also significant that your huis be well maintained. Clean regularly and perform repairs spil quickly spil possible. If a onderbrak is hard to open, it will make it difficult for you to progress ter life. Dirty windows cloud your judgment and make it hard to recognize what’s indeed going on te a situation, be it literally or metaphorically. Inadequate lighting contributes to a lack of energy, so substitute burnt-out bulbs quickly.

Feng shui principles operate mainly around the openings ter a slagroom. It is fine to have doors that face high activity roadways and windows that look out onto a beautiful view, but at the same time, if you open the vuurlijn vanwege and straight ahead are the doors leading to the backyard, the positive energy will come in the vooraanzicht voort and be pulled right out the back voort without taking the time to energize your living space. To avoid this, you could attempt suspending a crystal at a halfway point inbetween the two doors. When crystals are dangled, they hold energy ter one place. (Ter the world of paranormal research, you will often find crystals suspended at vooraanzicht doors–they use the same principle to keep negative spirits from injecting the threshold.) Chi flows through the huis like water, through doors and windows, so it is imperative that thesis entrances not be blocked. Keep foyers brightly lit and fully free of clutter.

Inauspicious (unlucky) energy is called &quot,killing breath&quot. Fortunate energy lines travel te a curved, wandering pattern. The unlucky lines that create killing breath are straight and acute, pointed objects which are referred to spil poison arrows. Acute corners, pointy roof angles, even outside electrical poles or exposed overhead bars are all considered to be poisonous. Too many acute angles are aggressive. But it is virtually unlikely to eliminate all poison arrows, so since chi comes in your huis through its vooraanzicht entrance, concentrate your efforts on the poison arrows facing your gevelbreedte vanwege, such spil a tall street light that stands directly te gevelbreedte of it or a road that finishes at your doorstep, like the center house te a cul-de-sac. Counteract the ill effects of poison arrows by placing a folding screen with a foliage or floral vormgeving on it ter the path of thesis objects, just inwards the doorheen or window. Another option is to place a specialized bagua mirror just inwards the doorway to deflect the negativity back outside, or to string up leafy plants on a spiky metal fence out te the yard.

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