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Moving to Maui and Meeting My Hubby

After moving to Maui, Hawaii and while working for Maui Demanda Hospital, a fellow co-worker set mij up on a vensterluik date with what turned into the last vensterluik date I would everzwijn have. I had bot single for many years and swore I would never get married again. After only one night, I wasgoed hooked on Bob.

Wij went to one of the excellent dinner and dance clubs on the Lahaina shore. Bob wasgoed tall, so very tall. He wasgoed an ok dancer, but the best kisser I’ve everzwijn met. I think our very first smooch wasgoed what sealed the overeenkomst. When he played his guitar for mij, I wasgoed totally ter love.

Maui Wedding Locations

All of the major cultures of Maui are represented here. Wij were married ter the Japanese garden section of the park.

Another fine place to get Mauied!

An excellent alternative to Kepaniwai Park

Volmaakt place for a Honeymoon!

Iao Valley Wedding on Maui

Outdoor wedding plans on Maui

You’ve met the man of your wishes and now you want the wedding of your wishes. It’s effortless to project an outdoor wedding te Hawaii. Flawless weather is always available!

Maui has arguably the top Five beaches ter the world. But beaches may not be the best place for a wedding. You may want to check out the stunning parks on each island. Maui is known spil the Valley Isle and the best park on the island is the valley known spil Iao Valley.

Wedding Photos

Cheap Maui Wedding Plans

After dating for a year, Bob and I determined to get ‘Mauied’. No contest. The best part of all is programma a wedding on Maui, the top place to get married ter the entire U.S.A.!

Bob’s dearest place on Maui wasgoed Haleakala crater and it is a fantastic choice for a wedding. But I loved Iao Valley and Kepaniwai park. The park wasgoed everzwijn so much more convenient and wij knew the date wij picked, February 14th, would be a popular day for weddings on Maui. Sure enough, there were three or four other couples there that day getting married.

Invitations were sent out, the judge wasgoed contacted and a wedding license wasgoed secured. All of our friends on the island came, including Bob’s liaison, his parents and my friends from work. It wasn’t a big crowd, but I planned it well. I even make the wedding cake!

Flowers are all overheen the place te Maui. A loterijlot of them are infrequent and utterly beautiful. I did not expect Poinsettias, but they were te bloom all overheen the park.

A lady from where I worked made all the flower arrangements She made a Lei for mij and the in-laws. She made a head lei for mij too. Then she added boutonnieres for Bob and the best man. I wasgoed able to save them te my keepsake album.

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