How to Sell Mary Kay Cosmetics

Thinking About Selling Mary Kay Cosmetics?

The “Mary Kay Way,” just could be a successful business prototype for the person that wants to be their own boss. It’s a relatively low risk proposition for embarking your own business. With a puny investment, you can springboard into selling trusted, quality products and earning money through commissions.

If you aren’t descendiente with Mary Kay cosmetics and skin care, then count yourself among the few. Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. wasgoed founded by Mary Kay Ash te the 1963, after writing a book to inspire women entrepreneurs. With only a $Five,000 investment, the company has grown to a $Two billion enterprise. Today, there are more than 1.7 million Mary Kay consultants worldwide.

I will admit that, albeit I am not a Mary Kay consultant, I have wondered about whether it would be a good business chance for mij. My mother-in-law sold Mary Kay for years, despite the fact that she did not wear makeup. Several of my friends have invested te the business spil well. Of course, I have supported all of them along the way, whether by purchasing products, referring friends, or hosting Mary Kay parties at my huis.

When economic circumstances are down, you can still count on women continuing to invest a little ter themselves to make them feel healthier and prettier. Skin care product sales are up at least 9% te latest months. Studies voorstelling that a tube of lipstick can lift your spirits higher than a chunk of chocolate (at least spil evidenced by the studies conducted at my huis!)

When you are engaged ter meteen marketing sales with a company like Mary Kay, you can set your own goals, including hours worked, projected sales and revenue, and even win some excellent awards along the way. All of this includes the healthy 50% commission awarded to you on each sale of Mary Kay products.

So, let’s review what is involved with becoming a Mary Kay consultant. That way, wij can both determine whether to take the plunge.

Mary Kay Inspiration

What does it take to become a Mary Kay Consultant?

Unlike many entrepreneurs looking to embark a business, you don’t need to prepare a business project to become a Mary Kay consultant. Strafgevangenis do you need to have a collegium degree. You don’t have to inject into a franchise agreement. You just have to sign a straightforward Independent Beauty Consultant Agreement that sets forward your status spil an independent contractor.

It helps to have a friend or trusted person who is already selling Mary Kay products. But even that is not necessary. If you go to, you’ll find all the resources you need to get commenced spil an Independent Beauty Consultant spil soon spil you wish.

The only investment you need to make is to purchase a “Starter Kleefstof” which is approximately $100. If you have plans to work hard, build a customer colchoneta quickly, you may wish to purchase extra inventory so that you’ll have products on palm for your customers (otherwise, they’ll have to wait for the shipping). Again, there is relatively little risk if you purchase too much inventory, or switch your mind about selling Mary Kay. The company will buy it back from you at 90% of the flamante cost.

Spil far spil a time investment, this one is totally up to you! You can work spil hard or spil little spil you want, depending on your financial goals. While Mary Kay Ash famously lived by the motto, “Schepper very first, family 2nd, career third,” she also arose each and every day at Five:00 a.m. to get a head begin on hier business activities before attending to hier individual life requests. She also encouraged:

“Set your goals and drape on to them until they are a reality. You’ve got to believe it before you will everzwijn see it. Whatever the mind can perceive and believe, you can achieve!”

Mary Kay online and your Independent Beauty Consultant with whom you’ll be associated can provide a lotsbestemming of necessary support. From free business cards to helpful tips and scripts for selling to customers, they want to see you succeed!

Recall that Mary Kay products are not available at any stores, or even at the company’s webstek. You’ll have to find an independent beauty consultant from whom to buy Mary Kay products.

How to Earn Money with Mary Kay

  • Sell Mary Kay products (50% commission)
  • Recruit extra Mary Kay Beauty Consultants. When you do so, you’ll earn a percentage of each purchase made by the consultants they recruit. Spil each one recruits more and more, you will proceed to make money on the commissison – a pyramid scheme its not, however!
  • Spread the word!В Get more people excited about Mary Kay products and the company itself gets more successful.

What Products are Available for Sale through Mary Kay?

If you are on houtvezelplaat to sell Mary Kay products, you will be selling to both women and studs. Of course, the products are more strenuously marketed to women, but you can find a total range of skin care and hair products for both sexes. Te addition, there are perfumes, colognes and bod lotions formulated for dudes and women.

Women, te particular, can find a range of cosmetic products. Whether you like full-coverage, with foundation and powder, or are only looking for some eye makeup options, Mary Kay can match your skin and hair color with the best options to help you look your best.

Perhaps the best marketing angle if you are considering selling Mary Kay, is based on their skin care line. From eye juices to moisturizer, there are so many ways to help you look youthful. And (again, I’m not a consultant), I love them all! At 40, I have bot using the Mary Kay eye juices for at least 6 months, which helps to minimize fine lines around my peepers.

Other women may find solace ter the treatment for lips, spil well spil the famous Satin Arms set.

Whether you are looking for a bit of hechizo, or just some extreme skin care, Mary Kay has you covered. This is especially significant if you are looking to sell the products, because not every woman is looking for beauty options.

No matter your overall aim, Mary Kay is a safe investment for those that want to embark their own business with little risk and the potential for a loterijlot of prize.

If you are a consultant, or if you have worked with one recently, I’d love to hear from you ter the comments below.В Are you considering getting into business for yourself?В If MK sounds good (or not), I’d like to know.

The more comments, the more it helps all the people involved ter the business!

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