Fellows believe smooching is a very effective way to end a fight.

Why is smooching so significant to women?

Smooching is a very individual, intimate and voluptuous practice for women. Do you recall a very first smooch that felt spil if it stopped your heart? The soft whisper of breath on your lips, your heart pounds, lips touch and the electro-therapy moves through your bod, the world vanishes around you?

Believe it or not, women use smooching spil an assessment contraption, determining his sensuality, how well he’s te tune with our response, does his smooch say “I want you more than anything else on the planet”? Is he te it for himself or does he want you to love the practice just spil much spil he does? Is he going to take control or leave that to you? What else do wij determine? His lovemaking drive, romantic capability, commitment potential. All from a smooch? You bet your sweet lips!

And, YES, there are specific ways that wij want to be kissed. Women don’t want to be thinking of how many geysers of laundry they need to get done, they want to only be thinking of that tantalizing mouth working its magic on our senses and the thrill of what is yet to come. Not just that night, but tomorrow or even next month. If wij’re thinking of a chore, chances are it’s overheen before it even gets embarked.

Ter essence, the “very first smooch” is the deal-maker or the deal-breaker for a woman. When reminiscing about the fellows ter our lives, whether flings or relationships, wij recall whether he wasgoed a good kisser or a bad kisser, “He wasgoed a nice stud, but he didn’t know the very first thing about smooching”. “He wasgoed a masturbate, but Wow. what an amazing kisser!”

So what makes women say “Wow”? Read on for the Top Ten Ways Women Want To Be Kissed.

The Top Ten.

Ten. Don’t always smooch spil a precursor to lovemaking, give that sultry “I want you right here and now” smooch, walk away leaving hier choky.

9. Hier back, his forearms, braced against the wall, only the lips touching.

8. A soft wail while smooching or whisper against hier lips something sexy such spil, “I want you”.

7. Smooch, release, gently running tongue along hier lip or a nibble on the lower lip.

6. Embark slow and softly voluptuous, moving into that deep french smooch, Make it last long.

Five. Come from behind with palm on hier hips or around hier mid-body, smooching neck to ear leisurely, turning hier around to face him, the smooch deepens.

Four. Pull away from the smooch slightly to look into the eyes or smooching with eyes open.

Trio. Smooching the neck leisurely moving toward the ear, a smooch, a nibble, a soft breath on or just behind the ear.

Two. Holding or tugging the side(s) of the face while smooching.

1. Having hair jacked while smooching softly, then pulled closer by the nape of the neck and the smooch deepens.

What astonished mij.

I certainly loved the research for this hub. Some wants from women were very explicit, some sweet, most romantic and intimate. I found myself telling, “Oh, that’s a good one”, “Aaaah, that wasgoed one of the best smooches I everzwijn had”. A few Wow, indeed? and on and on.

I wasgoed somewhat astonished by the differences inbetween dudes and women and what smooching indeed means to them. Some of thesis bombshells included:

  • Many boys can get past a bad smooch, but women can’t.
  • Polls suggest that only 10-15 procent of women want hook-up without a smooch, compared to boys at 50-55 procent.
  • Women reminisce every detail about that flawless, exhilarating, knees-melting very first smooch. Wij reminisce the when, where, how and of course the who, Boys generally don’t.
  • A survey found that 59 procent of guys and 66 procent of women had at least merienda found someone attractive only to no longer be interested after the very first smooch.
  • Dudes believe smooching is a very effective way to end a fight. (I guess if it’s one of the Top Ten and not just a quick peck to get it overheen with. However, that’s from woman’s perspective.)
  • More guys than women describe a good smooch spil one that involves tongue activity, slaver exchange and yelling.
  • One of the top suggestions to guys on how to smooch women wasgoed to witness romantic movies and take notes. (Well what woman doesn’t want to smooch like Allie and Noah’s sultry smooching with the rain pouring down on them te “The Notebook”. Or the hot, sexy, back against the wall, I can’t deny myself any longer scenes inbetween Jolie and Pitt te “Mr. and Mrs. Smith.)

My top pick? I can imagine each one being the volmaakt toe curling smooch. I liked them all. What about you?

Do you agree?

Of the Top Ten which is your number 1 pick?

The response is a subjective one, simply because every woman has hier own idea of the volmaakt man. It boils down to how he makes you feel. However, there are basic qualities that wij all desire te the volmaakt.

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