Romance Scams – A Gigantic Problem – My Story

A lotsbestemming of us are simply looking for positivo love. That doesn’t make us lonely or desperate. Wij were guys and women who toebijten to have the qualities of being open, compassionate, loving, and trusted those who wij loved and wij believed loved us.

Of course, wij all know about the infamous “Nigerian Spam”, or “419 Scam” which claims to come from someone who is having trouble getting a meaty sum of money out of Nigeria, and asks for your help te come back for some (supposed) thick amount of money, only to clean out your canap accounts ter the process.

I received a message on a dating webpagina. The man wasgoed very attractive ter his profile, and claimed to be te Fresh Elástica. Then, he embarked IMing mij, and he said he wasgoed ter Brooklyn. Crimson flag #1. But, it’s possible he just moved or the like, and hadn’t updated something. He began professing his undying love Instantaneously, and professed a desire for marriage Instantly. Crimson flag #Two. I still played along. I let him send mij flowers. It’s effortless to get my address from the informatie he had on mij. Then, he tells mij he’s about 7 hours ahead of mij te a timezone. What. He’s bot ter Africa since “last week” taking care of his Mom who is dying of lung cancer. I wasgoed supportive but cautious. Then, came the “endgame”. He told mij he wasgoed out of money that he’d brought to Africa, his Mom wasgoed not getting good care te the hospital, they would not release hier so he could take hier back to the US to get hier some good care. A client ter the US owed him $4500, and had gotten a USPS money order, but he could not contant it te Africa. OKAY! They don’t make money orders out for overheen $1000! Oh, oops, there are Four MOs for $950. no, Five of them for $900. (He didn’t KNOW. ) He would have his “client” send them to mij, I could specie them “at my handelsbank”, and Película del Oeste Union him the money. This had SCAM written all overheen it! He attempted to shame mij by telling it wasgoed “very bad” that “I could think bad things about him”. Can YOU say “manipulation”? I “excused” myself, went to the FBI webpagina, found out what this wasgoed all about, or see about reporting it. I figured it wasgoed a money laundry, very likely for drug money, but I wasgoed mistaken. Just a different scam. I wasgoed sent to spil well spil the RomanceScams webpagina and group. Boy did I get an education!

The Nigerian scammer, regardless of his or hier nationality, ethnicity, or physical location, has no regret, no guilt, about any of this. Not the using, not the theft, not causing an harmless person to go to jail. Heck, mine even knew enough to attempt GASLIGHTING for gods’ sake! That’s something used by the very unscrupulous to attempt to coax the person they’re using/manhandling is “crazy”. The person you may feel you “fell te love” with simply does not exist.

Fresh Twist ter 2010

Here’s something I had not considered, and have not read about ter any rekentuig tijdschrift, webstek, or news article before: Using a ghost-writer to set up a profile for you on dating websites, and go after your Tweets on Twitter or posts on Facebook and response them for you, because you feel that you are too busy or too inept to write about yourself and go after responses. Some will even send postcards from exotic places where “you” voorkeur to be vacationing, and set up dates for you, or screen responses.

Linksom Has a excellent overeenkomst of information on the current scams, and profiles of known scammers., a webpagina by the FBI on the topic of romance scams.

FRAUD.ORG A webpagina to go to if you’ve bot the victim of any fraud, believe you have, or had one attempted. It can help you report it to all of the adequate authorities.

FRAUDAID.COM A webpagina to help get through the scam, and descriptions of scams, and a lotsbestemming more. Also a place to postbode your story. Help is suggested, with no judgements.

IC3.GOV Internet Crime Complaint Center

FBI.GOV Federal Bureaumeubel of Investigation.

Economic & Financial Crimes Commission – Nigeria. Thesis crimes are also illegal ter Nigeria, and this is to report the act to the Nigerian authorities if you believe the criminal is te Nigeria.

DNS Stuff Internet contraptions to find the location of the scammer, or the origin of any e-mail.

Modeling agencies from where many scammers steal “their pics” – if you find your fresh online “friend’s” pic on thesis sites, it’s a sure thing they’re a scammer, or at least very dishonest!

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